OtterBox Figura iPhone 15 Case Sporty Fun Watercolor Design

OtterBox just released new cases for the iPhone 15, as they do every year. But combined with Apple’s latest designs, the company has something special in store with a new series inspired by watercolors. I’ve been driving these new Figura iPhone 15 cases on a daily basis lately and I have to say that they are probably some of the best OtterBox cases out there.

Check out the new OtterBox Figura cases for iPhone 15

OtterBox’s new Figura iPhone 15 cases take a different approach to covering your phone than the rest of the collection. This time we’ll talk about fun designs, but the conversation doesn’t end there. These are still durable cases that allow you to add a little protection and grip to your everyday carry, but without the bulk that sets most of the company’s models apart.


This time the smooth covers have a transparent matte finish. It will not be able to fully highlight the appearance of your device. Instead, the case shows just a little bit of the natural titanium design you’ve likely chosen. It’s not exactly the same color. The Figura series takes inspiration from gouache paintings, a watercolor style in which paint is mixed with white pigment, making it opaque. There’s really no better description for the cases with the new design, which clearly stems from this museum-worthy inspiration.

You’ll be able to choose between several vibrant colorways, each available in versions for each of the four new iPhone 15 series smartphones. OtterBox sent me two designs for review: the green Unicorn Sorbet is joined by a lighter blue Berries-N-Cream.

All of these Figura cases have a rubber construction with a slightly hard finish. The covers are still quite grippy, but the surface is otherwise smooth.

One potential downside to going more creative is that the Figura cases aren’t as protective as you’d expect from a brand like OtterBox. These are very sleek cases and the drop protection you’ll find doesn’t match the usual bulky designs we see. However, I can at least report that it protects your shiny new iPhone 15 and its titanium design from the several drops my device took while rocking the case.


Otherwise, you’ll find MagSafe on board along with other staples from the protective case. There are raised ridges around the front of the screen and rear camera module to keep things secure when your device is placed on a table.

One of the biggest improvements I’d like to see in the new OtterBox Figura iPhone 15 case is the buttons. This is a plastic case, so it is logical that there will be buttons too. However, I would have liked to see slightly higher quality parts used. They have a very clicky feel, which is great for triggering the action button by feel – which I like. It’s just that for $50 I would have liked to see something more premium.

Taking 9to5Toys

After spending some time with these new OtterBox Figura iPhone 15 cases, I’m completely delighted. The design may have hooked me first, but the company follows through by backing them up with protective designs that live up to the higher $50 price tag.

I don’t know if the art student buried somewhere in me instantly recognizes the appeal of these cases or simply the fact that they are damn beautiful. Either way, I love how these covers turned out. I’m sure the claim that you buy an OtterBox accessory for the design is a bit of a contradiction to the claim that the company’s releases are designed for tougher, more protective cases. But the Figura series shows that the OtterBox is more than just an ultra-durable accessory.