Then GTA 6 finally appears

It's probably the most anticipated video game in years. In the list of most successful games of all time With an estimated 190 million units sold, GTA 5 is in second place behind Minecraft with 300 million. After almost 11 years, the gaming world is craving a successor more than ever. And it looks like we won't have to wait too long for GTA 6.

What city is GTA 6 set in?

In the sixth main part of the Grand Theft Auto series, the players return to Vice City. The capital of the fictional US state Leonida is a parodic representation of Miami. Answers to other questions about GTA 6 However, it doesn't really exist at the moment.


There is currently no information about how much GTA 6 will cost. It is also unclear what kind of PC you will need to be able to play the new part of Grand Theft Auto smoothly. However, the most burning question of all is certainly: When will GTA 6 be released (buy now )?

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GTA 6 release date! Finally talking Rockstar Games Plain text, that's what the fans are after waited a long time

Rockstar Games has finally revealed when the long-awaited action game GTA 6 will be released. At least there is a time window

New information about GTA 6 coming soon? Numerous clues cause a great stir among fans

New information about GTA 6 coming soon? Numerous hints cause a great stir among the fans

Will we soon see the first screenshots or even a new trailer for GTA 6? The clues may seem to be increasing.

While everyone is waiting for GTA 6: Rockstar increases the price just like that

While everyone is waiting for GTA 6: Rockstar increases it just like that Price

Surprise for GTA players: Rockstar Games has increased the price unannounced.

When exactly will GTA 6 be released?

There is still no exact date, an exact day on which GTA 6 will be released. But now publisher Take Two has finally defined an exact time period. This happened as part of a financial announcement to investors. These are not rumors, but rather highly official, solid information.

Take Two confirms when GTA 6 will be released as follows: “Our outlook for Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto VI includes narrowing the previously established calendar year 2025 period to the fall of calendar year 2025.” This means that rumors that GTA 6 would be postponed by a whole year to 2026 seem to be off the table. The game has so far only been announced for PS5 and Xbox. It is not yet known when GTA 6 will be released for PC.

Source: Take Two