TCL Huaxing unveils revolutionary products including world’s first 4K 1000Hz display and under-screen face authentication flexible screen

Gamingdeputy reported on May 19 that TCL Huaxing held the 2024 SID Display Week event in San Jose, California, USA.Displaying its HVA, HFS, MLED, MLCD, printed OLED and flexible OLED display technologies.

Gamingdeputy has introduced panels such as the 7.85-inch Tandem three-fold flexible folding screen and the 14-inch 2.8K printed Hybrid OLED display earlier this week.


16-inch 8K laptop display

This screen uses LTPS process.Achieving the “world’s highest” pixel density of 550PPI and brightness of 800 nits for LCD laptopscovering 100% sRGB color gamut.

14-inch Gaoqian Ln-Oxide Mux 1:3 display

The world's first high-resolution Ln-Oxide 14″ Mux 1:3 display screen uses high-resolution Ln-Oxide target material as the semiconductor layer, with a mobility of 30~50cm²/(V・s); unique Demux 1:3 architecture, color The domain can reach 100% sRGB and the contrast ratio is higher.

14-inch IJP QD-EL laptop screen


The world's first 14-inch IJP QD-EL laptop screen adopts TCL CSOTPrinting QD-EL technologyhas 2.8K resolution, reaches BT2020>85% color gamut, and supports 30~120Hz VRR variable refresh rate technology.

7.85-inch under-screen face authentication flexible screen

The world's first 7.85″ under-screen face authentication flexible screen adopts Sensor under panel (SUP) design, with under-screen display area (SUP area) and normal display area (AA area)Pixel density is as high as 420PPI, compatible with under-screen 3D face authenticationand equipped with LTPO technology, supporting a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

57-inch 8K ultra-thin MLED display

The world's first 57″ 8K ultra-thin MLED display equipped with HVA technology,It has 11,000+ backlight partitions, reaching 1,000,000:1 OLED-like dynamic contrast ratio and S-level Halo halo standard.; Adopts 32:9 ultra-wide display ratio, three-sided borderless design and R1000 curvature to support 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time.

4000:1 contrast HFS monitor

The HFS display with the world's highest contrast ratio of 4000:1 adopts special pixel design, new liquid crystal and color resistance material development, etc.Enables contrast ratio up to 4000:1 in FFS display modecombined with 4K high resolution and DCI-P3 99% high color gamut, to achieve four equilateral 4/4/4/4mm borderless display.

Note from Gamingdeputy: HFS technology refers to the FFS fringe field switching technology independently developed by TCL CSOT. Compared with traditional technology, HFS technology has the characteristics of high penetration rate, high contrast, wide viewing angle, and high efficiency.

4K 1000Hz monitor

The world's highest refresh rate 4K 1000Hz monitor combines the 6Gbps rate of the national standard P2P protocol CSPI transmission technology and Auto EQ technology to compensate for the attenuation during ultra-high-speed signal transmission.

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