Capture Your Love Story with iPhone: A 520 Full of Love

On May 17, Apple built three scene studios on the rooftop garden of Shanghai BFC to provide scenes for lovers, relatives, and friends to take photos. iPhone Record all kinds of great love in the world. Gamingdeputy has also witnessed this process, and there are many interesting details worth sharing with you.

Zhang Yue is the photographer for this shooting event. He is not only a photographer, but also a director and the founder of ZACKIMAGE imaging agency. He often collaborates with many fashion magazines such as Vogue, ELLE, Harper's Bazzar, Marie Claire, and brands including Louis Vuitton, YSL, Nike, etc. to shoot magazine covers and commercial content. Kobe Bryant, Michelle Yeoh, Andy Lau, Zhou Xun, Zhang Ziyi and others are also his frequent subjects. He has extraordinary insight into the use of color and light, and his works have always won wide acclaim for their gorgeous texture and vibrant vitality.


Zhang Yue is communicating with the model.

The protagonists under the camera are Ken Wang Pengpeng and Chan, who have been in love for many years. Ken Wang Pengpeng is a photographer, and his lover Chan is a model. The two of them usually don't take many photos together. Most of them are Pengpeng taking photos for Chan.

Wang Pengpeng Ken (left) and Achan (right).

Studio 1

Professional-level online shooting workflow, now in addition to cameras iPhone 15 Pro Series optional.Benefit from iPhone 15 With the USB-C 3 interface, the iPhone 15 Pro series can also use the professional photography software Capture One for online shooting just like the camera. When the iPhone’s shutter button is pressed, the photos in ProRAW format will be immediately transferred to the Mac for live preview and viewing. Adjustment.


The 48-megapixel ProRAW MAX photos output by the iPhone 15 Pro series can be previewed with extremely rich details on the 4.5K resolution iMac screen, allowing photographers and assistants to quickly adjust makeup, posture, lighting and other details.

 iMac previews photos taken with the iPhone 15 Pro series in real time.

Ken Zhang is very satisfied with the performance of this black and white portrait: “The iPhone 15 Pro captured the most realistic state of the two of us, and the shaping of light and shadow was just right.”

Studio 2

The second shooting scene has more space and depth and richer colors. Photographers can make full use of the iPhone's new generation portrait function to take photos with a more layered feel.

The new generation portrait function of the iPhone 15 series can automatically capture depth information even if portrait mode is not turned on. Even after completing the shooting, you can edit the portrait effect of the photo directly in the album and adjust the desired focus and depth of field effects.

It is worth mentioning that,iPad Pro It played a big role in the communication of this shooting event. For example, the selection and discussion of styling before shooting is quick and convenient.

Studio 3

The third scene is an outdoor rooftop garden. For this purpose, Apple also built a creative installation composed of multiple mirrored cubes. On the back is the beautiful Bund under the clear blue sky. Taking photos with any lens of the iPhone 15 series will be stunning.

In particular, the main camera of the iPhone 15 series can be set to three focal lengths of 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm by default, and all three focal lengths can output 24-megapixel images. The photographer at the scene suggested that everyone turn on the ProRAW format to have more space in post-production.

iPhone 15 Pro Max The 5x telephoto lens can filter out irrelevant elements and bring you closer to each other. The facial expressions of Ken and Chan Zhang Pengpeng are best displayed.

In the third scene, as a photography blogger, Ken Wang Pengpeng specially chose orange umbrella, anthurium and Chan's blue outfit, forming a perfect complementary color, making the whole picture full of vitality.

During a break in the shooting activity, photographer Zhang Yue also shared with Gamingdeputy his experience of the shooting activity and the use of the iPhone 15 series.

The editor is chatting with photographer Zhang Yue.

Talking about the new features of the iPhone 15 Pro series, he did not hesitate to praise the 5x telephoto lens:

I particularly like the 5x telephoto lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max because it can shoot farther than previous generations of models. For example, when I take outdoor street photography, the 5x telephoto can filter out more irrelevant elements in the entire surroundings, and then I can get a particularly pure and cool picture.

When talking about the different feelings between the iPhone 15 Pro series and the professional-level workflow of the camera, Zhang Yue shared his views:

The iPhone is more flexible than the camera, and it is also a more interesting way to create. I think that for a photographer, he does not need to lock himself in one mode or one type of equipment all the time. Photographers can use any of the more interesting equipment, and then take advantage of the strengths of different equipment, and then you can produce more interesting photos.

Regarding whether the current iPhone photos can meet the needs of commercial shooting, Zhang Yue said:

From a pixel perspective, the photography of the iPhone15 series actually meets the needs of commercial orders. However, commercial photography such as fashion often requires highly stylized works. Photos taken directly with mobile phones cannot be used directly and require very professional post-production.

This 520 shooting event allowed us to see how the excellent imaging system of the iPhone 15 series and the professional workflow of the iPhone 15 Pro series provide more opportunities and perspectives for recording the loved ones. On this love-themed day, pick up your phone and press the shutter button to convey the most sincere love to your family, friends and partners. These photos will become the most precious gifts and should be cherished.