13 Feel-Good Games Inspired by Stardew Valley

Do you love to relax with a few relaxing games after work or on the weekend? Then we would like to introduce you to 13 of the best feel-good games that you can currently play on all possible platforms.

Perfect feel-good games

More and more of them are sprouting up and inviting players to truly relax. Instead of being confronted with a big challenge, strict guidelines or difficult topics, so-called Feel-good games on inviting looks, reduced user interfaces and free development.


We have you 13 perfect candidates where you can really chill out and recharge your batteries. Have fun!

If you were to play the landscape gardener from The Last of Us, the result of your work would probably look like the relaxing game Cloud Gardens, just without the stressful infected. All you have to do is place discarded objects and plants in a dilapidated setting.

In order to complete a level, certain conditions must be met, but the way there is free to your creativity. The stylish pixel look and simple user interfaces are the perfect way to switch off. The feel-good game is available for both PC as well as for Xbox and Switch.

At ExoOne Relaxation unfolds above all in the effortless exploration of dreamlike planets. As a small spaceship, you glide over the various landscapes with pleasant mechanics and are on the trail of the secrets of your expedition – including unknown flying objects.


The impressive graphics combined with the calm atmosphere in the noticeable infinity of the game world make Exo One a unique feel-good game. You can open it PC, PlayStation and Xbox play.

What in reality is a real horror for many, becomes… Unpacking for great relaxation: unpacking. You are thrown into a new room or apartment per level and find out what kind of person this is when you unpack the various items.

Iconic objects, an attractive pixel look and the creative arrangement of books, teddy bears, etc. make the game so appealing. The only goal is to empty the moving boxes. After every box is folded, it occurs rewarding feeling a.

Fast forwarding after work is done is a fun and satisfying feature. Unpacking is for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch available.

This Construction simulation is probably the simplest and most calming game in this series of pictures. Surrounded by endless water, you build a city on stilts. Without a plan, without a goal.

Leave yours creativity Run freely, build colorful houses and watch as the game's algorithm conjures up small details in the connections. A clothesline here, a green courtyard there and a flock of birds on the roof.

And the best thing of all is the popping sound that is made when the houses are placed. Pop. You can go to Townscaper PC, Switch, Xbox and Mobile play. There is even a free browser version with stripped-down features.

Inviting warm colors, music that makes you melt away and gameplay that never really stresses you out – that's what it promises Grow: Song of the Evertree.

The picturesque adventure in a large open world mixes elements of life sim, farming and city building and lets you set the pace for the missions.

You are free to decide which point you want to focus on next. That in combination with rewarding tasks leads to an overall wonderful feel-good game that you can conjure up for yourself.

Grow: Song of the Evertree is for the PC and the consoles Switch, PS4 and Xbox One available.

Created in a German game company, you will find a peaceful and extremely peaceful village romance relaxed building game.

Place your hexagonal tiles to grow your village landscape and discover new biomes. Solve various quests and let your game world flourish! The calm pace is inviting real cosiness a.

You can play the award-winning game on the PC via Steam and GOG as well as on the Switch gamble – and even as a board game (view on Amazon).

Sable is for all travelers and explorers between you. The special open-world game lets you explore a vast desert with the help of your glider and discover the remnants of ancient civilizations.

The unique graphic style and soundtrack give the adventure the necessary touch Atmosphere to relax. Solve puzzles along the way and equip yourself with different outfits.

Sable is currently for the PC, Xbox and the PS5 available.

There could probably be many simulators here, but this one PowerWash Simulator It creates deeper satisfaction and thus relaxation. So it's time to turn on the high-pressure cleaner and get rid of the dirt!

With the soothing sound With your high-pressure cleaner you can ensure shiny surfaces and use them to build your business in career mode.

You can even play the feel-good simulator in online co-op with your friends. The game is for the PC, the Xbox family, the Switch and PlayStation available.

If you're less into harsh high-pressure cleaners and more into medieval alchemy, you're welcome Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator well served.

In the complex simulation, the focus is on brewing potions. The calm one The look of the game invites you to relax. The sandbox approach helps you find your own way to achieve your goals.

Invent recipes, gain customers and keep your shop running. Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator is available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

If you're looking for really entertaining relaxation, this is it A Short Hike be a real joy. The magical adventure sends you on a peaceful hike to the top of a mountain.

Meet other hikers, find hidden treasures or simply absorb the beautiful landscape around you.

You decide for yourself which path you take and how much time you allow yourself to climb the mountain. Glide through the air, fish on the banks of a mountain stream or learn more about history – it doesn't matter.

A Short Hike is for him PC, the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch available.

Journey is in a similar vein to Sable, and already proved how with its release on the PS3 in 2012 Feel-good games can look.

In the game there are no instructions or maps for you to follow, just a large mountain in the distance that you are supposed to reach. Through this Reduction to the essentials Journey invites you to dream and feel good. A mysterious journey awaits you in an artistic world.

In 2019, the extraordinary game finally found its way to the PC. Play it alone or in co-op with a fellow player.

Journey is for him PC, the PS4 and PS3 as well as iOS available.

Of course, a really big relaxation hit shouldn't be missing from this list: Stardew Valley. The cozy farming simulation is certainly not an insider tip and comes with all sorts of tasks, but still manages to do one real feel-good atmosphere to build.

The routine tasks, the cute pixel look and the defined world leave you in one calming framework become a farmer.

You can experience the cozy village life of Stardew Valley on the PC, the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and even mobile experience.

An absolute classic and for many Epitome of relaxation. If you haven't tried Minecraft yet and want a chill experience, then definitely give it a try.

The survival game does it through its simple mechanics in combination with calming sounds to put you into a truly meditative state. The randomly generated, endless world invites you to explore and soak up the atmosphere. Minecraft is definitely one Game for the comfort zone.

You can play the sandbox game on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile play.