The topics of the week: Strong PS5 numbers, GTA 6 & more

Of course, we received all kinds of exciting news again this week. We have summarized the most important topics for you and will tell you in our weekly review what you may have missed in the last few days.

This week was actually all about various business reports, corresponding figures and outlooks for the future. Nevertheless, the developers at Rockstar Games once again managed to attract the majority of attention.


The hotly anticipated open-world blockbuster “GTA 6” finally got one this week rough release period donated. As Rockstar's parent company Take-Two Interactive announced, the consoles will be released in autumn 2025. But that's not all. At the same time, an immediately withdrawn update on the official Rockstar Games website could recently indicate an impending announcement have indicated.

Another title that got people talking this week is the newly revealed “Assassin's Creed: Shadows” (formerly: “Codename Red”). Here Ubisoft presented us with one first trailerdelivered Details about the new gameplay features and put one expensive Collector's Edition before.

In addition, the mini battle passes called “projects” provided for criticism. This new type of monetization was anything but well received by the community.

Impressive PS5 numbers and repositioning publishers

Sony was one of the companies that presented their financial figures this week. In the course of its report, the Japanese electronics giant pointed out that by the end of the 2023/2024 financial year 59.3 million PS5 consoles to have delivered. At the same time, sales in the Network Services division responsible for PS Plus increased clearly too. The number of monthly active players on PSN was 118 million at the end of March.


For the future, Sony is not only planning a steady stream of high-quality first-party productions. In addition, should the focus be increasingly shifted to longer playing times and thus stronger user loyalty. What is presented this week is the way to achieve this goal new leadership duo responsible, replacing Jim Ryan, who resigned at the end of March.

Two industry giants announced a noticeable realignment: Take-Two Interactive and Square Enix. The “Final Fantasy” makers didn’t just confirm the rumors about discontinued projects. At the same time, Square Enix announced that it would strive for a higher quality standard in the future and a “aggressive multiplatform strategy” to pursue. So the days of big console exclusive titles like “Final Fantasy 16” are probably over for now.

Unfortunately, it will in the course of the strategic realignment layoffs occurthat meet European and North American employees. The US publisher Take-Two Interactive also presented as part of its internal restructuring several projects. After all: The rumors about the closure of the two studios Intercept and Roll 7 were not confirmed.

There was also a wave of layoffs among the “Dauntless” makers at Phoenix Labs. Lost here more than 100 employees your job.

A first look at the gaming summer of 2024

Let's move on to something more enjoyable that characterizes our hobby: games. Here the publishers gave us a first impression of what we can expect in the gaming summer of 2024. This will also be heralded in 2024 Opening event of the Summer Game Festwhich starts on June 7, 2024 at 11 p.m. our time.

It was announced that there are more than 50 studios and publishers this year with the party. These include well-known names such as PlayStation, Xbox, Sega, WB Games and Focus Entertainment. According to its own information, 2K Games will host the event for the revealing a successor to a popular brand of the studio.

Users quickly speculated that 2K Games could be referring to “Borderlands 4” or “Mafia 4,” which have been circulating the rumor mill for some time. Ubisoft, in turn, gave us the first details about the next “Ubisoft Forward” this week.

As the company announced, we can look forward to the presentations of “Assassin's Creed Shadows”, upcoming content from the shooter “XDefiant” and other titles be happy.

As usual, here is an overview of other exciting news that didn't make it into our weekly review.

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