The next version of Windows will become much more demanding on the computer


DeskModder resource shared fresh rumors about the next version of Windows. According to his informants, Microsoft plans to raise the system requirements for computers on which Windows 12 can be installed.

Microsoft will make it mandatory to have an SSD drive, which is usually several times (or even tens of times) faster than an HDD. The requirement to have a built-in TPM 2.0 encryption and protection module will remain, and the required amount of RAM will be doubled to 8 GB.

It is known that Microsoft plans to build support for neural network technologies in Windows 12. In particular, the search will be based on the Bing engine with the ChatGPT chat bot, and the new search engine is already being actively tested both on the web and in beta builds of Windows 11. It is possible that the use of neural networks will require increased system resources, and Microsoft will really have to increase the minimum requirements that Windows 12 will place on a PC.