Release of the free Scribus 1.5.8 publishing package

published release of a free document layout package Scribus 1.5.8which provides tools for professional layout of printed materials, including flexible tools for PDF generation and support for working with separate color profiles, CMYK, spot colors and ICC. The system is written using the Qt toolkit and supplied licensed under GPLv2+. Ready binary builds prepared for Linux (AppImage), macOS and Windows.

The 1.5 branch is billed as experimental and includes features such as a new Qt5-based user interface, a redesigned file format, full table support, and enhanced word processing. Release 1.5.8 is marked as well tested and already quite stable for working on new documents. After the final stabilization and recognition of readiness for widespread implementation, a stable release of Scribus 1.6.0 will be formed on the basis of the 1.5 branch.

Main improvements in Scribus 1.5.8:

  • In the user interface, the implementation of the dark theme has been improved, some icons have been updated, and the interactivity of working with windows has been improved.
  • Improved support for importing files in IDML, PDF, PNG, TIFF and SVG formats.
  • Improved PDF export.
  • Extended table style management and improved rollback (undo/redo) implementation.
  • Improved text editor (Story Editor).
  • Improved build system.
  • Updated translation files.
  • The macOS build embeds Python 3 and adds support for macOS 10.15/Catalina.
  • Preparations have been made to provide support for Qt6.


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