New character and new level of detail – how Aloy will change in Horizon Forbidden West

New character and new level of detail - how Aloy will change in Horizon Forbidden West

Protagonist Horizon Forbidden West will be already familiar to us from Zero Dawn red-haired hunter Eloy. How the heroine’s image evolves in the upcoming game, Guerrilla Games Dedicated a note on the PlayStation blog. We have selected the main thing from the article.

…V Horizon Zero Dawn Eloy did only half the battle. Another misfortune loomed in the form of a strange red infection that swallowed the earth. Six months passed between the events of the games, and all this time she was trying to find out how to end this treacherous disease. Fans could catch a glimpse of her adventures in the studio’s Sunhawk comic series Titan Comicsconsisting of five issues. The task was not easy for her. She had to urgently hit the road, leaving all her equipment behind. Despite all this, Aloy is full of the same determination, strength and lust for action that she demonstrated in the first part.

  • At the beginning of the story, Aloy will be the same as the players remembered her in Zero Dawn, but as the story progresses, she will meet new tribes and face new obstacles that will change her.

  • One of the tribes that received attention in Forbidden West, – Utaru: new designs and types of tasks have been prepared for him.

  • PlayStation 5 hardware allowed Guerrilla work out the character models to the smallest detail, including the hairy fluff, and make more detailed 3D skeletons – this will give better animation.

  • With PS4 version Forbidden West everything is fine, says the lead character artist Bastien Ramiss (Bastien Ramisse):

Actually, we created and tested the game on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 at the same time, because it is important to us that players on PlayStation 4 have the same experience. Based on the experience of working on Horizon Zero Dawn we know we have room to grow in terms of realism and quality of character details; and we are happy to take advantage of this experience and carry it over to the continuation of the game. <…> Aloy’s most notable technological improvements are the clarity of the facial animation and body capture, resulting in more realistic shapes and surfaces on characters, and it also allows for more polygons on handcrafted and worn outfits.

  • As in the original Horizon, v Forbidden West different outfits were created for Aloy – they can be found in the world or bought from merchants. In the sequel, the costumes are also tied to skills that are pumped through the skill tree.

New character and new level of detail - how Aloy will change in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West kicks off on February 18, 2022 on two PlayStation generations. The collection of pre-orders is already open – after a little drama Sony even allowed to update the PS4 version to a more current version for free.


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