Even a Formula 1 world champion fails due to Driver 1's legendary difficult tutorial

Lewis Hamilton has already seen a few tracks. But Driver's tutorial was too difficult even for him.

Lewis Hamilton has already seen a few tracks. But Driver's tutorial was too difficult even for him.


Sometimes video games are downright ungrateful. We get stuck and stuck in a certain place and just can't move forward. Whether we have to follow the damn train in GTA: San Andreas or fall victim to Ash Lord Gwyn's blade once again in Dark Souls. In situations like this you just want to jump out of your skin.

Usually, such hurdles are not found right at the beginning of a game, but are specific challenges that you are supposed to sink your teeth into in the mid or late game. However, some titles put insurmountable obstacles in the way of players in the tutorial. Like Driver 1 for example.

A Formula 1 Cup doesn't help either

At its introductory level Apparently even experienced racing drivers like Lewis Hamilton fail. The Brit won the Formula 1 World Championship seven times between 2008 and 2020. In a video, which Hamilton's Mercedes-AMG Petronas team shared on YouTube a few days ago, the racing driver tries out some classic PS1 games from his childhood; including Gran Turismo, F1 2000 and Driver 1 from 1999.

Its tutorial is considered one of the hardest in video game history. In a narrow parking garage, players have to a whole series of daring driving maneuvers within just 60 seconds complete to qualify as a driver for the mafia.


The highlight: Nowhere is it explained how these maneuvers work, they are just displayed as a list on a piece of paper. There are also a lot of cars in the garage that hinder our driving.

This entry infuriated many players at the time. Some of us can still hear the then co-tester Heinrich Lenhardt cursing loudly. Because without having completed the extremely difficult tutorial, you couldn't start playing. Colleague Dimi even made a video about his suffering a few years ago:

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Lewis Hamilton apparently didn't fare any better either. After struggling through the tutorial for a few rounds without success, he asks: “Damn, what do I have to do here?” and admits that he's not doing particularly well.

After a few more attempts, he finally gives up in frustration: “Damn, I just can’t get past this first level.”

The other games were kinder to Hamilton. The world champion does pretty well in Gran Turismo and F1 and incidentally says that he used to sit in front of the Playstation a lot. In comparison, he finds it It's impressive how the graphics in games have developed since then.

Do you remember the driver tutorial? How did you manage the mission back then? Feel free to write it to us in the comments.