Best Necromancer Build – Level Guide and Skills in German

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In the Diablo 4 Beta, the Necromancer is probably the strongest class if you level the right skills. The best skills for each level in German.

Hamburg – The Diablo 4 Open Beta has finally started. On the second weekend of the test phase, pre-orderers can continue where they left off a week ago and newcomers can let off steam for the first time. Besides the druid, the necromancer has also come into play and it could be the strongest class. Here we show you the best Necromancer build in the Diablo 4 Open Beta with a level guide in German.

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title of the game Diablo IV
Release (date of first publication) 06.06.2023
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment
Serie Diablo
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Diablo 4 Open Beta: Necromancer Build in German – All skills up to level 25

The Necromancer in the Diablo 4 Beta: In the Diablo 4 Open Beta finally all 5 classes are playable. For the second weekend, Necromancers and Druids have been added. Necromancers use dark magic and play with death. With this class you summon an undead follower and turn the corpses of your opponents into bombs.

Best Necromancer Build – How to distribute Skill Points: The best Necromancer build in the Diablo 4 Beta is all about exploding corpses. Your goal is to mow down the first enemies as early as possible in order to then blow up their corpses. This allows you to achieve massive AoE damage and clear entire waves of enemies in seconds. No precious skill point is wasted with this leveling guide:

Choose these skills: If you level your Necromancer the way it’s listed here, you’re basically getting the maximum out of the class at each level. In the end you are a powerful scavenger who deals a lot of damage and can heal himself again and again. So you have to distribute the skill points at the Necromancer in the Diablo 4 Open Beta.

  1. Level 2: Bloody Harvest
  2. Level 3: Improved Bloody Harvest
  3. Level 4: Blutwoge
  4. Level 5: Improved Blood Surge
  5. Level 6: Paranormale Blutwoge
  6. Level 7: Acolyte’s Bloody Harvest
  7. Level 8: Corpse Explosion
  8. Level 9: Improved Corpse Explosion
  9. Level 10: Blood Harvest
  10. Level 11: Powerbringer Tod
  11. Level 12: Powerbringer Tod
  12. Level 13: Aging
  13. Level 14: Plagued Corpse Explosion
  14. Level 15: Blutwoge
  15. Level 15: Book of Death – Reapers
  16. Level 16: Blutwoge
  17. Level 17: Blutwoge
  18. Level 18: Corpse Vines
  19. Level 19: Improved corpse tendrils
  20. Level 20: Infested corpse tendrils
  21. Level 21: Blutwoge
  22. Level 22: Corpse Explosion
  23. Level 23: Corpse Explosion
  24. Level 24: Corpse Explosion
  25. Level 25: Flayed Flesh
Diablo 4 Beta: Best Necromancer Build – Level Guide and Skills in German © Blizzard (Montage)

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Where is the build from? This Necromancer build for the Diablo 4 Open Beta comes from the professional site The source is considered a proven and popular place to go for builds and guides for games like Diablo 3, Path of Exile, Lost Ark and now Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Open Beta: Necromancer KW – How to properly level and play your skill KW

Level 2–3: As a basic skill you choose the Bloody Harvest. With this skill you deal a lot of damage early on and get through the first dungeons without any problems. The skill also brings you a damage reduction.

Level 4–7: Now you choose a basic skill. Set here on the Blood Surge and upgrade it to Paranormal Blood Surge. As a result, you heal yourself on the one hand and on the other hand regularly deal bonus damage with Blood Surge. Blood Surge can kill normal enemies with just one hit even without upgrading.

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Level 8–12: Levels 8-12 reveal the Necromancer’s core business. Here you get your corpse explosion. Upgrade it and then put one point into Blood Harvest and two into Empowering Death. This allows you to quickly trigger a second one after the first corpse explosion, which then deals more damage.

Level 13–17: At level 13 you choose aging. This CC spell ensures that your corpse explosion hits more reliably. Then you choose the Infested Corpse Explosion. This will cause you to deal even more damage to enemies suffering from crowd control effects. At level 15, don’t forget to unlock your class specialization quest. Up to level 17 you then put two more points in the blood surge.

Level 18–25: At level 18 you put a point in corpse tendrils. With this you can pull together many enemies at once and make them the perfect target for your blood surge and the corpse explosion. Then put the next two points into Improved Corpse Vines and Blighted Corpse Vines. Then you maximize the blood surge and level the corpse explosion up to level 4. You can put the last point in Frayed Flesh, which gives you an additional chance of spawning corpses.

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With the presented necromancer build you easily crack the strongest opponent of the test phase, Ashva. But keep in mind that the World Boss only appears at certain times. Here’s all the info: Find World Boss Ashava in the Diablo 4 Open Beta