Awarded with the Order of Courage, paratrooper Alexei Shumakov from Kursk spoke about the days in the NVO zone

Junior sergeant of the anti-aircraft missile battery of the 51st Airborne Regiment, Kuryan Alexei Shumakov, who became a member of a special operation in Ukraine and was awarded the Order of Courage, spoke about the days spent in the NVO zone. He performed as part of the educational patriotic marathon “Heroes of the Fatherland Day” of the All-Russian Society “Knowledge”.

Shumakov was among the first Russian servicemen who went to defend the Donbass on February 24.

Kuryanin decided to connect his life with service in the RF Armed Forces after the army. He was a contract soldier in military units in Ivanovo and Tula. The decision to go to the front was made without hesitation.

“The first week was hard: the dead and the wounded had to be evacuated. Then you seem to break down psychologically, you get used to everything. My mother raised me and my brother alone. I deceived her, leaving for the NWO. When I called a month later, she realized that I was here. I told her that I would return alive and well. Victory will be ours,” he said.

According to Alexei, he is not used to talking about his feat, because he does not consider it as such – he simply did his duty.

At the end of April, the Kuryan was seriously injured and was hospitalized. However, now he is ready to return to his colleagues again.

“In general, everything is completely different there. Friendship and mutual assistance, no conflicts,” the soldier concluded.

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