Apple Releases First Firmware Update for MagSafe Duo

MagSafe Duet

Apple has released a firmware update for MagSafe Duo, the first charging accessory of its kind.

While Apple frequently releases firmware updates for most of its hardware, sometimes updates can take a long time to complete. As for MagSafe Duo, it was the first since its launch in 2020.

It’s unclear exactly what a firmware update does, as Apple hasn’t released any patch notes, but such firmware usually includes performance and security improvements, as well as increased compatibility with other devices.

The firmware update spotted by MacRumors updates the software to version 10M3063, although it will show up as version 256.1067.0 in the Settings app instead of the previous number

Apple’s latest charger update was released in October 2022 when the firmware for the MagSafe charger was released. Like MagSafe Duo, it was released without patch notes.

There is no direct way to force a firmware update on the charger, but this will happen automatically when the charger is in use and connected to a power source. In this case, users will not be notified of any firmware changes.

How to Check the MagSafe Duo Software Version

Connect iPhone to MagSafe Duo. Open the Settings app. Click General. Click “About”. Scroll down, under “Carrier Lock” the menu of connected accessories will appear as “Apple MagSafe Charger”, tap that. View the specified firmware version.