A telephone scammer from Tyumen ran into a cunning victim and was shot in the back

In Tyumen, a woman, after a call from telephone scammers, called the police and it all ended in shooting. Baza told the story.

According to the source, a resident of Tyumen answered a call from an unknown number and heard that her relative had caused a terrible accident and now he needs to be “exonerated” from prison for 970 thousand rubles. It was necessary to transfer the money on the same day, they sent couriers directly to the entrance where the victim lived.

But instead of panicking to raise funds, the woman called the police. The outfit quickly went to the place, and was already waiting for the scammers when they arrived for the proceeds. One of them, a 19-year-old boy, attacked a policeman, punched him in the face and tried to run away. The operative took out a traumatic pistol and fired three shots: one into the air, two into the back of the fleeing spreader.

At this time, the second policeman tied up another swindler, who did not resist. The third guy escaped, so only two were detained. Now one of them is facing not only an article on fraud, but also a criminal case for assaulting a police officer.