Which free VPN to choose for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Over the past year, many users are in the process of constant search for a worthy and at the same time free VPN service for iPhone.This is due to the fact that many foreign services have limited access to their content from Russia.So if you want to watch movies from Netflix or play Clash Of Clans, then you can not do without a VPN.Until recently, Clash of Clans could be played without any problems, but now the developers have blocked access to players with Russian IPs.

You can also launch a VPN through the iPhone settings.



Therefore, it should not be surprising that in top free apps on the App Store a large number of different VPN services.We have already talked about some of them, and you could choose a good VPN from them.We tested a few more Free VPNs and talk about those that you can safely use on the iPhone.

Which VPN is best for iPhone

First of all, I can’t get around my favorite VPN service, which I use on absolutely all my devices: Windows laptop, iMac, iPhone, Android smartphone and iPad.Everywhere Installed AdGuard VPN.And I like it because it has the most convenient application and 3 GB of traffic per month with no speed limit.And even when you exhaust it, the application’s capabilities are enough for your eyes to rummage through social networks and even more or less calmly watch videos.

What is the best VPN for iPhone.AdGuard has the highest speed among all the applications presented in today's selection.Photo.

AdGuard has the highest speed among all the applications presented in today’s selection.


By the way, AdGuard VPN is almost the only service that supports automatic activation when a specific application is launched.In iOS 16.4, there will be much more such VPNs, but when it will be released for everyone is still unknown.You can even subscribe and get traffic with no speed limits at all, but what the free version gives is enough for me.And, by the way, you can run it directly from the desktop by calling the context menu on the application icon.Very comfortable and well done.

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Working VPN on iPhone

Working VPN on iPhone.The launch is accompanied by a cool animation of a flying bee.Photo.

The launch is accompanied by a cool animation of a flying bee.

Other popular VPN servicejudging by the top apps in the App Store, is KIWI VPN.It’s not the fastest service you can find in Apple app store, but we must pay tribute to the connection speed and stability of the connection.Otherwise, you can simply rummage through the pages on the network and read something without any problems.


That’s just not particularly count on watching the video is not worth it.You will either have to wait a very long time for the application to load the video, or everything will constantly freeze waiting for buffering.I recommend keeping KIWI VPN as an alternative in case nothing else helps.Well, it should be noted a large number of ads inside the application, which will periodically have to be viewed.

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Good vpn for iphone for free

From Free VPNswhich can be found in the App Store, I personally liked Snake VPN.Until the moment of testing, I did not know about its existence, so I decided to try it.This service showed good speeds.Of course, not AdGuard, but there are no traffic restrictions either.In addition to this, there are a large number of free locations that you can choose from if needed.

Good VPN for iPhone for free.Ads appear in the application regularly.Photo.

Ads appear in the application regularly.

Of the minuses, I can note the mandatory viewing of ads before turning it on and the lack of the ability to quickly launch through the context menu on the desktop or through automation.However, good speed compensates for these minor inconveniences.Therefore, I can definitely recommend Snake VPN for everyone to install.

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Free VPN without registration for iPhone

Free VPN without registration for iPhone.I thought that this VPN could be written off, but it turned out that it works quite well.Photo.

I thought that this VPN could be written off, but it turned out that it works quite well.

But there is one more great VPN, which I abandoned a few months ago due to low speeds.But, apparently, the developers cheated something, and now it can be called one of the best among free applications.When testing it, I got twice the speed as when using Snake VPN, which in itself is pleasantly surprising.


IN fast VPN five free servers available.Each connection is established for two hours, and then you need to reconnect again.Fortunately, two hours is enough for any user to surf the web normally, so you don’t have to worry.The only negative in the whole application is a large number of ads.But, as with Snake VPN, the speed outweighs the small inconvenience.

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Free VPN without ads

Well, in the end, we found another VPN that can definitely come in handy on your iPhone. wirevpn offers a choice of a really huge number of servers for all occasions.With this service, you can connect not only to popular European countries, but also to Turkey, Kazakhstan or any other country in Asia.By the way, from the pluses I can note the complete absence of advertising, which will not annoy you when you start the application.

Free VPN without ads.Wirevpn demonstrates optimal speed for light online games.Photo.

Wirevpn demonstrates optimal speed for light online games.

Wirevpn speeds shows very good.This is enough even to watch YouTube in high definition.And if you’re targeting Netflix and other foreign streaming services, then you definitely can’t go wrong.By the way, this VPN for Clash of Clans fits perfectly.Fast, free and without any ads.

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