Towers of Aghasba announced, open-world adventure debuts summer 2024 on PC and PlayStation 5

Shortly after the Sony conference, Dreamlit, the international studio behind Towers of Aghasba unveiled an extended version of its announcement trailer allowing us to see a little more about what awaits us next year. Indeed, we will have to build our own colony, called the Shimu, as large as desired, but taking into account the environment and the ecosystems therein, in order to keep a relative balance between our constructions but also the strength of nature that you will have to bring back to life.

The art of balancing ecosystems

After the destruction of the kingdom formerly colonized by humans, the gods of Aghasba do not see with a very good eye the return of this species which has caused them so much harm. The game promises us magnificent panoramas, but also buried secrets, while we will have to make friends with strange creatures.

Available in an open world on an island that seems quite large, you can share your creations with other people, and visit theirs to discover other ways to proliferate or simply to spend time together. The community aspect seems important, but for that, the developers will have to be able to convince the players to spend time on their game qio seems developed under Unreal Engine 5.

Note that we already know the characteristics required by your bike if you plan to play it on PC, since the steam page is already available to wishlist the game.