PS5 win in a bundle with Horizon Forbidden West!

Since Sony and Microsoft heralded the fifth generation of consoles just in time for the 2020 Christmas business, many players have had to forego the fun. Due to the limited hardware availability, it was difficult to get hold of the new console, especially when the Playstation 5 was launched. Scalpers bought up handsets and drove up prices; if there was a new delivery at the nearest electronics store, the servers reliably collapsed as soon as the pre-order was possible.

While availability has improved recently, Sony proudly announces that there is now a Playstation 5 for everyone (buy now €549.99 ) there are who want one. To mark this occasion, we are giving away a digital PS5 including Horizon Forbidden West in cooperation with the Japanese publisher.

Playstation 5 available now

This will give you one of the Playstation highlights that you should not miss out on with your console. In addition, we recommend blockbusters like God of War Ragnarök, The Last of Us Part I or Gran Turismo 7!

In addition to an extensive range of games, there have also been more options in terms of appearance since the release of the Playstation 5, such as console covers and special controller editions. With the launch of PSVR 2 and the launch of the DualSense Edge controller with extra programmable buttons earlier this year, there is additional hardware that can be used to customize your Playstation experience and extend the enjoyment beyond simple gaming.

So anyone who has been waiting for accessories and also wants to avoid the teething problems that usually accompany a new generation of consoles has now caught the right moment to take part in our competition and enjoy a PS5.

This is how you take part in the competition

To get a chance at the digital PS5 including the code for Horizon Forbidden West, simply enter your email address in the following competition form. You can participate up to and including April 2, 2023, after which the winner will be drawn and notified by email.

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