Hogwarts Legacy: How to unlock Avada Kedavra, one of the three forbidden spells?

Several spells are available in the game, including the three forbidden spells. You are told how to unlock the most powerful of the three, Avada Kadavra.

In Hogwarts Legacy, available on the February 10, 2023, you play as a wizard at Hogwarts School of Magic. You can discover many potions, of the mounts, of the sorts or, choose between good… and evil.

If you chose to do the evil and wreak havoc, a very specific spell might interest you. Avada Kadavra, the fate of more powerful of the three forbidden spells is available in the game and you are told how to get it.

How to get Avada Kadavra, the death spell?

If this spell overpowered has been banned, it is for good reasons, it simply causes the death of the target. If you tell yourself it’s slightly broken in a Harry Potter game to have a spell that oneshot, well, you are absolutely right.

To obtain it, you must also have reached the level 28 of player, which corresponds to the levels reached, after the end of the main story, impossible therefore to pass the game in easy mode thanks to this incredibly powerful spell.

Then, it will be necessary to solve a series of sebastian quests, “In The Shadows Of The Relics”. Which will take you to a cave full of Inferi where you have to beat a character whose name we will not pronounce, once defeated, you will be able to learn Avada Kadavra.

The spell actually kills in one shot?

Absolutely, if this spell was banned it’s not for nothing, whether in the game or in the movies, this spell eliminates absolutely every enemy, even the « boss », in one shot and is unstoppable.

Published on 07/02/2023 at 19:43

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