Data leak from the Polish Army. Polish soldiers play these titles

There was a lot of noise in the network about a data leak from the military. “The publication of the data is not a threat to the state security or the functioning of the Polish Armed Forces” – reassured the Ministry of National Defense in a press release. We were also interested in this topic, because the information disclosed in the catalog concerns, inter alia, video games played by the Polish Army.

The catalog that was found on the Internet contains as many as 1,757,390 entries. They concern, inter alia, firearms, chemical weapons, missile launchers and nuclear warheads. Is this information really not confidential? Let us leave that as regards the Ministry of National Defense, which claims that “the publication of the data is not a threat to the security of the state or the functioning of the Polish Armed Forces”.

“After verification of the services, we would like to inform you that the catalog disclosed on the Internet is part of the Uniform Material Index kept by the Support Inspectorate, i.e. the unit responsible for purchases in the Polish Army. The index contains only publicly available information. public procurement procedures “- explains the Ministry of National Defense.

Interestingly, the list includes a list of over 20 titles probably played by Polish soldiers. In many cases, the games are military-themed. These include:

  • CT Special Forces,
  • CT Special Forces 2: Elite Squad,
  • Haze,
  • Call of Duty 3,
  • Army of Two,
  • Battlefield: Bad Company,
  • Bioshock,
  • Commandos 2: Men of Courage,
  • Heroes of the Pacific.
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In addition, you can see that the Polish Army also likes racing and sports games. As the Trusted Third Party website notes, the military also has a Pegasus … as well as other game consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation. The services are still investigating how this data was made available on unauthorized servers. According to preliminary findings, an employee of the Support Inspectorate neglected his duties.

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