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There is a way to get compensation after an accident even if the culprit car is a pirate. Let’s find out the procedure to follow.

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There are many cases in which a person driving a two or four-wheeled vehicle does not stop after causing an accident. Obviously, this is completely wrong and the law does not allow such action. This can cause very heavy penalties, which can be fines or not insignificant complaints. Furthermore, if there were a person affected, the failure to help would be an aggravating circumstance that could ruin the life of the accused person.

Therefore, it is better not to joke with such attitudes, since lives could be saved if you act promptly on the affected person. You can go from hero to villain in seconds, heavily prosecuted by the law. Not to flee in these cases must be an obligation that must not even be challenged, since it is the common sense of the civilized citizen to speak about it. Yet, more and more often, the opposite happens, for fear of incurring heavy fines or penalties of any kind for causing an accident.

In the event that the latter person escapes, it would not be easy to track him down. Unless there are patrols nearby. Or, more and more often, some cameras positioned in the clubs of various cities find the license plate. Nowadays, these tools allow fewer and fewer crimes, even if, at times, they harm the privacy of some citizens.

Like being compensated by a pirate car

The law absolutely does not allow escape after an accident. In fact, in addition to the administrative sanction, which ranges from 296 euros to 1,184 euros, there could also be imprisonment in prison, in the event that there are injured people. The offense would involve 6 months up to 3 years of arrest.

Fortunately, for those who suffer damage from a hit-and-run, there is a Street Victim Guarantee Fund. Physical damage will be covered. As for damage to property, however, the question is quite different.

Compensation from pirate cars
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Indeed, the Fund fails to cover them. To obtain compensation for physical damage, however, it is possible to download and fill out the form to have it on the Consap website. In this case, however, it will be necessary to prove the guilt of the pirate car in the best possible way. Not only that, it will also be demonstrated that you have not been able to report the license plate of the vehicle.

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