Xbox Series S: after the big controversy, the console drops in price in Brazil | Xbox One

Last week, Xbox was embroiled in controversy over the increase in the price of the Xbox Series S in Brazil. While it was once sold between R$2000 and R$2500, the displayed price suddenly rose to R$3,599, or around 685 euros. However, it seems that the situation has returned to normal for the Microsoft console designed for digital.

Xbox Series S price drop in Brazil

While the price of the Xbox Series S was close to that of the PlayStation 5 Digital for a few days, the price displayed on the Microsoft Store is now R$2,649. We do not know if this reduction is permanent and if it was made following the general outcry from the Xbox community.


This sudden price increase was highly regarded as anti-consumer, especially since Brazil is a territory where Xbox is singled out for its lack of game releases in physical format.

Brazilian media Nerdizmo indicated at the start of the year that, according to their sources close to distribution, Microsoft was going to end the distribution of physical games in Brazil. A fact confirmed by several Brazilian players who already said that physical gaming was generally on the decline in this country, but also more generally in Latin America, and particularly at Xbox.

It is obvious that Xbox has not been able to move on from the general uproar of recent days, having been enormously illustrated by the appearance of #KeepSeriesSAlive on X, but also the massive sharing of an open letter

Dinho, an active member of the Xbox community in Brazil, shared an open letter to get the Microsoft company to react. It seems that it worked, since it reached Aaron Greenberg, the marketing director of Xbox.


At the time of writing, Microsoft has not communicated on the price reduction applied today. Although Xbox seems to have backtracked, the community is still waiting for explanations and Brazilian players expect more respect and hope to be less neglected by the brand in the future.