What can and cannot be done on September 23, the day of Peter and Paul

Today is an important day for Orthodox believers. They dedicate prayers to Saints Peter and Paul.

These bishops lived in the city of Nicaea in the 9th century.

It is known that during that period Christians were persecuted, they fought against their faith.

However, Peter defended the faith, and Paul preached Orthodoxy. As a result, they suffered for this.

In the folk calendar, this holiday took root under the name Peter and Pavel Ryabinniki, since on this day they began to harvest rowan.

The holiday is associated with various prohibitions and signs that should not be violated if you do not want to bring problems to your home.

What Not to Do

You shouldn’t get into any conflicts. The ancestors believed that in this case, tears would have to be shed for another three months.

Crying is also not worth it today. It used to be thought that it could scare away luck.

You can’t treat mountain ash badly, for example, stick knives into its trunk, break branches. This can bring on serious dental problems.

What to do

This is a good day for cleaning. Thanks to this, you can drive out all the negativity from the house.

You should arrange lunch or dinner for family and loved ones. A lush table will attract positive energy into the home.