Valve will not be releasing any Steam Deck exclusive games

“It’s a PC and should simply play games like a PC.”

The Steam Deck release was recently postponed to next year, but some lucky developers have already received their development machines. They have also received a new one FAQ with frequently asked questions, and there we find some interesting information. One of the questions is “Would Valve be interested in having any Steam Deck-exclusive titles?”

The answer to that is very straightforward and clear: “No, that’s not at all logical for us. It’s a PC and should simply play games like a PC.” No ambiguity there, although we can probably assume that games will be released where Steam Deck was kept in mind during the development to make them as easy to play on the device as possible, and maybe even titles with Steam Deck as the primary platform .

That Valve would have a software ace up its sleeve to sell as many Steam Deck devices as possible, there were probably many who expected, much like with VR-exclusive Half-Life: Alyx, but that does not seem to be the case. And speaking of VR, another question reads: “Will Steam Deck support VR”. Valve answers that it is technically possible, even if they have not designed or optimized the device for VR. However, they have seen some use home-made solutions to make it work.