TOP 5 free board games for iPhone

Different shooting games, action games and racing games are, of course, great, but they can get boring very quickly. And yes, games like this still keep you on your toes. In addition, the whole company will not play them. In such a situation, different board games will always come to the rescue. We are used to the fact that such toys must be played on the table with some cards and a playing field. But why bother so much if all this can be made virtual, and the game process simple. Moreover, Apple allocates a whole section in the App Store for board games.

You can play board games on your iPhone without any problems.


We dug a little and picked up for you five of the best board games that you can find in the top free in Apple app store. By the way, among them there are also online toys, so you are not limited only by your company or bots and you can play with people from anywhere.

Play Durak online for free

“Fool” is one of the most popular card games. And this is not surprising, because the rules are extremely simple: each high card beats the lowest one, corresponding to its suit. A trump card can beat any card. By these rules you have to play. You can create your own game room and invite specific users there, or you can go to the already created ones.

Play Durak online for free.  In this game, you can easily get stuck for several hours.  Photo.

In this game, you can easily get stuck for several hours.

There are a large number of customizable parameters here: transfer or flip, with or without cheaters, the number of players and other filters that will allow you to really enjoy the game. You can even choose a deck of 52 cards and play fool with the help of her. The developers have provided everything for users to enjoy the process.

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Chess for iPhone

Chess for iPhone.  For those who are learning, there are special tips.  Photo.

For those who are learning, there are special tips.

Well, where in top free games no chess. It seems that at this stage the text could be completed. Well what to tell about this game. Chess is like chess. But no. It’s official appto help you learn how to play chess. There is a full-fledged training in which all the basics are explained and, most importantly, demonstrated. And thanks to daily tasks, you can hone your skills.


In addition to this, when playing with a computer, you can select the “Mentor” mode. In such a situation, you will always have several clues for the next moves, among which you have to choose the best option. But the game is not limited to this. It has a separate section “Lessons” where you will be taught something new. In general, this is not just a game, but an application that can also educate you properly.

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Download “Truth or Dare” to your phone

Do you like to get together with a company and have fun to the fullest? Then you definitely need Truth or dare game. Even playing with people whom you have known for a long time, this application will allow you to get to know them even better. The rules are very simple: the player chooses truth or dare. In the first case, he will have to honestly answer the question posed, and in the second, he will have to do what the application suggests to him.


You can even make a random selection if you don’t know what you want.

The game contains about three thousand questions and two thousand tasks. That is, you will definitely find something to entertain yourself with. Moreover, in the settings you can even choose an age limit, starting from 0+ and ending with 18+. If you don’t like some of the questions that the game asks, you can easily delete them and they won’t be repeated again.

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Board game Bunker

But if “Truth or Dare” doesn’t surprise you anymore, then in top board games on the App Store can be found Bunker game. Its essence is as follows: the apocalypse has come to the world, and a large number of survivors have gathered near the bunker. That’s just the space and resources in it will be enough for exactly half. During the game, you need to convince the others that you should be taken.

Board game Bunker.  Carefully study the characteristics of the character.  Photo.

Carefully study the characteristics of the character.

The game takes place in four circles, on each of which the individual qualities of the characters are revealed and a discussion is held. After that, a vote is held to determine who really got into the bunker and who did not. It will be considered completed at the moment when the number of remaining players will exactly match the number of places in the bunker. For this game, the bigger the company, the better. Therefore, try to play it when there are ten of you. Then you will definitely plunge into the atmosphere and appreciate the gameplay.

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Elias on the phone

Elias on the phone.  There are different categories of words to choose from.  Photo.

There are different categories of words to choose from.

True, sometimes you don’t want to bother with the rules, voting, and other things. And then you will come to the rescue Alias ​​game. And it seems to me that the smartphone version, unlike the usual desktop, is much more convenient due to the automatic measurement of time and scoring. The game will require several teams, at least two players each. Each player explains the words to his teammate.


The more words you guess, the more points you earn. The team that scores the most points wins. Everything is very simple and clear. If a word cannot be explained, then you can skip it and move on to the next one. Alias ​​has several difficulty levels and themes. You can choose very difficult words, and then the game will drag on for the whole evening. You will definitely not get bored with such an application.

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