Tim Cook wants to buy a top football club

There have been reports in the British press that Apple is considering buying Manchester United, one of the top teams in the English Premier League. Admittedly, this is quite surprising information.

Will Apple buy Manchester United?

The British newspaper Daily Star published an article according to which the company managed by Tim Cook wants to pay as much as 6.9 billion dollars for this English team.

What’s more, there is also information that the current owner of Manchester initially wanted to sell his club for $9.9 billion, but eventually decided to make a deal with the highest bidder.

Let’s add that the owner of the team is Malcolm Irving Glazer, an American multi-billionaire who owns many sports clubs.

The idea to buy Manchester City is said to have come from Tim Cook himself. The CEO of Apple is to claim that having this club will bring great benefits to his company.

If that wasn’t enough, the editors of the Daily Star claim that Apple could finance the construction of a new stadium that would belong to this team. Known to all football fans, Old Trafford needs renovation, and its current owners are considering its renovation or the construction of a completely new facility.

Old Trafford Stadium

It is worth noting that neither Apple representatives nor the owners of Manchester United commented on these reports, but recently the Cupertino company’s interest in football has increased significantly. Recently, on the Apple TV+ platform, Americans can watch matches played as part of Major League Soccer, i.e. a professional American soccer league.

Source: AppleInsider

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