The operator can write off several thousand rubles if you have a beautiful number

User “Peekaboo” with the nickname itsbelka toldhow Tele2 decided to cash in on her after she decided to leave for another operator. She turned out to be dissatisfied with the next increase in the price of services, left a request to switch to Tinkoff Mobile, and Tele2 sent her the final message.

The SMS said that the operator was debiting 3,000 rubles from the account for the Beautiful Number service. itsbelka does have a number with a few repeating digits, but she got it for free a few years ago. Apparently, Tele2 decided to correct this oversight and issued an invoice late – and as if in punishment for the fact that the girl decided to go to another.

itsbelka was not at a loss and wrote in support about her disagreement with the decommissioning. To Tele2’s credit, the operator immediately agreed to return the money.

What is more remarkable: if the required 3 thousand rubles are not on the balance sheet, Tele2 will drive the subscriber into a minus, therefore it will not be able to debit the number porting fee from the account and will not release the subscriber to another operator. Thus, Tele2 in any case remains the winner – either one-time receive a large amount, or leave the subscriber who wanted to run away and continue to receive income.