The network published a screenshot of the updated “Explorer” for Windows 11

As we learned a few weeks ago, Microsoft is currently working on a major update to File Explorer in Windows 11 that will update several key areas of the app. They will get a modern design and new features that will better integrate work with OneDrive and Microsoft 365.

interior layouts, received published by Windows Central show that the updated app will have a redesigned title bar with a modern file directory field, an updated search field, and a new home button.

The home directory will be updated with tighter integration with Microsoft 365. A ribbon of “recommended” files will appear at the top, represented by larger thumbnails, making suggested files easier to navigate.

Even the navigation on the left side will be updated with more modern code, rounded selection buttons, and more. The Details panel is also getting a major update to match the rest of File Explorer, including integration with Microsoft 365 and a richer file information view.

Deeper integration with Microsoft 365 means users can see email messages and recent comments about files shared through a colleague’s cloud.

Updates in these areas will also reportedly help make File Explorer more touch-friendly.

In addition, Microsoft is working on making it easier to view photos with the new Gallery pane. Users will be able to hover over the mouse to view enlarged previews of photos. Rumor has it that Microsoft is considering introducing tags to File Explorer, which will allow users to organize and categorize certain documents using keywords and color coding, similar to what macOS offers in the Finder.

If Microsoft is able to implement its plans, these changes will lead to the most significant update to File Explorer since Windows 8, which was released more than 10 years ago. The company’s goal is for the new File Explorer to remain familiar to users while updating all of its workspaces with a fresh, consistent design and modern interface.

Microsoft plans to bring the majority of the updated File Explorer to users before the end of 2023, so it will most likely appear in an upcoming update in the summer or in the 23H2 release this fall.

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