SoundHound embeds ChatGPT in its iOS and Android apps with technology to avoid ‘AI hallucinations’

SoundHound is the latest company to implement OpenAI generative artificial intelligence. While SoundHound is best known for its music recognition service, it adds ChatGPT to its Chat AI apps for iOS and Android and adds its own special sauce to avoid “AI hallucinations”.

SoundHound announced this in a news article today:

With the launch of the SoundHound Chat AI companion app, consumers and businesses can see for themselves that voice is the most natural interface for generative AI and other information domains. The multimodal nature of SoundHound Chat AI allows users to send a request in the fastest and most efficient way – by speaking – while text and/or audio output conveys the response. The SoundHound Chat AI app is now available by subscription on the Android Google Play Store and coming soon to the iOS App Store.

In an effort to stand out from the competition and offer a better experience, SoundHound says it uses a proprietary conversational AI language called “CaiLAN” with ChatGPT to avoid “so-called AI hallucinations.” The company says it will choose “the best answer to any question—whether it’s real-time information that big language models can’t handle (like weather, navigation, stock prices, or sending texts) or a knowledge-based query that’s better.” satisfied. with generative AI.

CaiLAN is advertised as being able to “expertly rate responses” so it offers “the best responses for the right domain”.

Other features of the SoundHound Chat AI app include natural speech recognition, the ability to use follow-up questions, and the promise of “fast and accurate results.”

SoundHound Chat AI will be available very soon on the App Store and is already available on the Google Play Store.

According to SoundHound, here are a few ideas to try with the new app:

“Show me the romantic restaurants in San Francisco that have over 4 stars on Yelp and have a patio but exclude chains.” “Sort by rating, then by highest price, but exclude those with 4 dollar signs.” “Don’t show anything with less than 100 reviews.” “Include only Japanese and Italians.” “How long does it take to get from the San Francisco airport to the first one?” – Does it have parking? “Name it.” Did the Warriors win their last game? “When is the next home game?” “How to get tickets?” “Can you tell me the best way to get there from San Jose using public transportation?” – Is it raining there tonight?