Scientists have shown a luminous antique mask

The creation of Smart mask studied by specialists from the University of Kyoto Prefecture under the leadership of Yasuhiro Tsukamoto, writes Kyodo News. While such a mask cannot be bought anywhere, but scientists say that the first samples for sale may appear as early as next year.

A special filter is placed inside the mask. It is interesting that ostriches helped in its creation. Japanese scientists discovered that these birds are capable of producing several types of antibodies that neutralize “Harmful” body within the body.

In February last year, scientists injected an inactive and safe form of coronavirus into female ostriches, successfully extracting large amounts of antibodies from their eggs. Based on the material received, a protective filter was created. He was treated with a fluorescent dye and placed in a mask.

The mask glows upon contact with coronavirus particles. Photo:

The effectiveness of the mask was tested on 32 coronavirus-infected patients. They wore a medical device for 10 days – all masks reacted to ultraviolet radiation. The experiment was then expanded to 150 participants. – the results were also successful.

The head of the institution, Yasuhiro Tsukamoto, discovered that he himself was infected with the coronavirus after wearing one of the experimental masks and saw that it glows when checked.

Earlier, scientists photographed a new strain of coronavirus for the first time Omicron. You can see the images here.

These funds have proven useless in the fight against coronavirus:

This is also interesting:

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