Rune Factory, Story of Seasons and Daemon X Machina on the Marvelous Showcase program – News

After the opening cinematic of Loop8: Summer of Gods, his RPG which will be released on June 6 with us, the CEO of Marvelous takes the floor to launch the announcements concerning the titles in development. We will quickly pass over the case of Fashion Dreamerfashion simulator already revealed on Switch in the turn of a Nintendo Direct, to talk about Project Magiacodename of a brand new RPG whose mangaka Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail) will be in charge of the characters, failing to have any news of the RPG Edens Zero from Konami.

Under the name of Project Life is RPG then hides another new license in a style that ” Marvelous has never created before » and of which we can discover some pretty and very colorful illustrations. ” Whether it’s the excitement of looking at a map of the world and planning your next destination, or the thrill of sailing the high seas in your ship, we want to capture the sense of adventure that’s so intrinsic to RPGs. says director Ittetsu Suzuki.

Then place the main course of Marvelous, namely the Bokujô Monogatari franchise, first distributed in the West under the name Harvest Moon before becoming Story of Seasons from 2014. For this new episode, Marvelous promises to beef up its game in terms of production, in particular the representation of the seasons. At the same time, Marvelous is starting to work on another Story of Seasons based around a multiplayer experience and which will meet the demand of part of the community left to take care of their farm alone. Note that the single player episode will be released before the multiplayer episode.

After Story of Seasons, Marvelous’ best commercial guarantee remains undoubtedly Rune Factory. Nothing astonishing, then, to discover here the announcement of Rune Factory: Project Dragon, cinematic in support to introduce a Japanese resolution theme with all that that implies in traditional outfits, cherry trees, dragons and even celestial islands. Despite the fairly clear visual evolution, producer Shiro Maekawa points out that this is a spin-off set in an eastern nation barely mentioned in the series so far. As for Rune Factory 6it will act as a counterpoint by taking players to the western continent of Adonea, but Marvelous isn’t revealing what this new main episode looks like, presumably so as not to confuse.

This first Marvelous Showcase is coming to an end, so it’s time for the one more thing which will delight fans of Daemon x Machina, since it is a sequel to the 2019 action game titled Daemon x Machina: Titanic Scion and still being developed by Marvelous First Studio. Note finally that Marvelous has not mentioned any platform for each of these titles, even if the Switch may feel targeted by all the announcements.