Release candidate for the Zotonic web framework written in Erlang

Released first candidate for web framework and content management system releases Zotonic. The project is written in Erlang and distributed by licensed under Apache 2.0. Zotonic is based on the concept of organizing content in the form of “resources” (also called “pages”) and “links” between them (“article” – “related” – “topic”, “user” – “author” – “article”), moreover, the links themselves are resources of the “link” type (and the resource type is a resource of the “resource type” type).

To represent the content, a template language borrowed from Django is used, and PostgreSQL is used as a resource store. For processing requests, a fork of Basho Webmachine based on Cowboy is used. Bilateral data exchange between the server and the browser is carried out using the MQTT protocol. To improve performance, the generated pages are stored in the Depcache caching system.

One of the main obstacles blocking the preparation of the release of the 1.0 branch, the author calls need reconciliation of translation by native speakers (localization work is carried out separately from the development of code on the platform Crowdin).


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