PS5 price hike, shares worried: Sony responds

Playstation in trouble, during the last meeting with shareholders there was even talk of a PS5 price increase.

It is certainly not a particularly good time for the global economy, as the situation is becoming more complicated month by month. After the global pandemic of COVID-19in fact, the war between Russia And Ukraine it has made the European situation even more complex and the global economy is feeling, blow by blow, the effects of continuing planetary crises. And it is the people, in their homes, who suffer daily and who are somehow forced to pay for what is happening.

PS5 price hike, shares worried: Sony responds

And here they are every day price increases, shortage of basic necessities, increasingly unacceptable bills, more shaky jobs. Everything has gotten a hell of a lot more expensive and everyone now thinks dozens and dozens of times before making even the smallest purchase. And even a colossus like Sony she is forced to deal with what is happening.

PS5 price increase, the official answer from Playstation arrives

Much of Sony’s products, whether they are home appliances or smarter equipment such as televisions or cameras, have gone up in price. As it is logging on with virtually every brand in the world, as every single thing for the production of such equipment has increased. And because of this some have begun to fear that in the future there may be price increases also as regards what in fact is the flagship product of Playstationthat is PS5.

PS5 with player and digital

With the price of semiconductors rising, also because of their difficult availability, many have begun to wonder that among the electronic equipment that will see its price increase in the future, there is also PS5. In this regard, during the last meeting with shareholders to take stock of the situation, Gamesradar reports, some asked if the price increases will also touch PS5. The CFO answered Hiroki Titoki: “Regarding a possible PS5 price increase, there is currently nothing specific that we can share with you“. Not quite the answer we wanted. Meanwhile, here’s how save and also a lot on the FIFA 23 preorder.

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