Playstation will announce a new triple-A exclusive soon: the previews

Playstation has a new triple-A in mind, but there is a reason why it has still decided not to talk about it openly. Let’s see some previews

Sony has something really great in mind, but there is still nothing that has been announced on any official channel. But apparently, among the PlayStation plans, there is a great triple-A exclusive again waiting to be announced to the general public. An impressive news and that is reported to us by the famous VGC journalist named Jordan Middler.

triple-a playstation new exclusive coming (google source)

What was revealed by the journalist allowed us to understand that, to avoid taking away attention for the release of Final Fantasy XVI, no type of announcement in particular took place for this new title. From this we understand how, behind everything, it seems there is a very specific plan that sees Sony and Square Enix together for the Playstation world. Square Enix has already taken a step towards the future paving the way for NFTs.

A new triple-A exclusive for Playstation coming soon

Not that Sony is outdone, considering its investment in bringing gods to life amazing tv for the world of video games. That all this is oriented towards a future towards a respectable triple-A? It is not possible to say for sure, but in the words of the journalist it is a truly respectable exclusive. Square Enix would have plans to keep your focus on Final Fantasy.

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triple-a playstation
triple-a playstation new exclusive coming (source twitter)

So should we expect a new adventure from the franchise? No, none of this. This is a great title that should have been presented after the exit of Forspoken. Nothing to do, however, with one of the two famous series of the development studio. We are referring to Kingdom Hearts or Dragon Quest, specifically. Therefore, at this point, the direction remains fixed on only 4 names in particular.

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First of all the game already rumored at the time of Kingdom Hearts 3, True King. Another hypothesis is, without a doubt, too Where. Speaking of the last two, surely, we can understand how they could have distracted the audience from FF if they had introduced them. It is about Chrono Cross The Deny. Therefore we just have to wait for spring, to be able to see what happens after Forspoken.

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