Path of the Ronin Event – Start Time, Challenges, Rewards

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Von: Sven Galitzki

The new Season 2 of Warzone 2 and MW2 will start shortly and has a launch event in store.Find out everything you need to know about “Path of the Ronin” here.


Santa Monica, California – February 15 is the day: after a two-week delay, Season 2 of CoD Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, Call of Duty’s in-house battle royale, will start.The new season traditionally brings all sorts of fresh content such as new weapons, maps or modes – and also events.So players can let off steam right at the start of Season 2 in the launch event “Path of the Ronin”.Find out what’s in this event here.

name of the gameCall of Duty: Warzone 2.0
Release16. November 2022
RowCall of Duty
developerInfinity Ward
platformPS5, Xbox Series X, PC
GenreFirst Person Multiplayer-Online-Shooter, Battle Royale
business modelFree to Play

Warzone 2 & MW2: Path of the Ronin – Alles zum Launch-Event der Season 2

What is Path of the Ronin? Season 2 of Warzone and MW2 has an Asian touch and revolves around the operator Ronin and the new small Warzone 2 map Kashika Island.There is also an Asian-inspired event called “Way of the Ronin”, which deals with the philosophy of life of the samurai and the virtues of a warrior.In concrete terms, the aim is apparently to master a total of 7 challenges and tap some rewards.

The operator Ronin from CoD: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 with a Japanese short sword in hand
At the start of Season 2 of Warzone 2 and MW2, players can expect the launch event “Path of the Ronin” © Acitivsion

Path of the Ronin start – when exactly does it start? Path of the Ronin is the launch event for Season 2 of Warzone 2 and MW2 and starts together with the new season on February 6 p.m. German time.How long it will run is currently unknown – but that should change quickly with the traditional in-game timer.Because in the game such events show how long is left until the end.

Warzone 2 & MW2: Path of the Ronin – 7 challenges await you at the event

Path of the Ronin – die Event-Challenges: There will be a total of seven challenges for Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 as part of the “Path of the Ronin” event.These are thematically based on the seven virtues of Bushido: integrity, respect, courage, honor, compassion, sincerity and loyalty.

The event will start with three of the seven challenges, the rest will be added later (when exactly is not known).The three challenges are already known:

  • Integrity: Here you must either win 15 matches in any mode of MW2’s traditional multiplayer or get 5 top 10 finishes in Warzone 2.
  • Honor: In traditional MW2 multiplayer, you have to get 100 kills while defending an objective – for example in Hardpoint.In Warzone 2 you have to collect your dog tag (restore honor) 5x.
  • Sincerity: In MW2 traditional multiplayer, you need to get 50 kills while using the Battle Rage field upgrade.In Warzone 2 there are 5 Assassination Contracts to complete.

We will add the other challenges here as soon as possible as soon as they become available.

Warzone 2 & MW2: Path of the Ronin – You can earn these event rewards

Path of the Ronin – the rewards: Each mastered event challenge rewards you with cosmetic items such as weapon charms or a new weapon screen.If you master all seven Path of the Ronin challenges, you will receive the crossbow – one of a total of five new weapons from Season 2 of Warzone 2 and MW2.

An operator with a crossbow in hand
Season 2 of Warzone 2 and MW2 brings five new weapons – including the crossbow © Activision

By the way, you can find out how to unlock the other 4 weapons here: Warzone 2 & MW2: Season 2 brings 5 ​​new weapons – this is how you unlock them all