One sentence from Rockstar is enough – fans get nervous at the prospect of trailers

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Von: Omer Kayali

At the beginning of the year, Rockstar Games spoke about the future of some projects. GTA 6 fans are taking this as cause for celebration.

New York, USA – There is still no sign of the next Grand Theft Auto. Sure, there was a big leak last year, but so far the developers have only officially confirmed that the game is in progress. Meanwhile, fans are growing impatient, and Rockstar Games is increasingly testing their patience in a recent blog post. Or is it an indication that we will finally learn more about GTA 6 in 2023?

title of the game Grand Theft Auto VI (not yet confirmed)
Release (date of first publication) TBA
Publisher Rockstar Games
developer studio Rockstar North
platforms PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC (not yet confirmed)
Genre Open-World, Action

GTA 6: Rockstar Games provokes fans with new post

What happened? Rockstar shared a New Year’s update on the studio’s official website. It is all about the new content in Los Santos Drug Wars in GTA Online. One section features a new vehicle, the HVY Insurgent. However, what catches the players’ eye is not this armored car, but the wording of the first few sentences in this entry. In it it says: “Every year begins with the hope that this year will be the year it all comes together. Well, 2023 could be that year (…)”.

While Rockstar continues the phrase by promoting a new vehicle in GTA Online, players read between the lines that this could be a hint of an upcoming GTA 6 announcement. There is now wild speculation on Reddit. Some believe that Rockstar deliberately plays with the expectations of the fans and trolls them a bit. As one Reddit user writes: “There’s absolutely no way they don’t know what they’re doing.” Others don’t want to read too much into it: “Wow, you’re all delusional. You’re clutching at straws. There is nothing here. Just take a deep breath – the time will come.”

GTA 6: Chances for an announcement this year are not bad

Will the first GTA 6 trailer appear this year? As long as Rockstar Games does not make any official announcements, the discussions about GTA 6 are of course only speculative. Nevertheless, in 2023 it could actually finally be time for the developers to present the first trailer. In a statement on the leak, Rockstar wrote in September 2022 on twitterthat there would be an update soon. Incidentally, it is currently not even clear whether the game will actually be called Grand Theft Auto 6.

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And when is the release of GTA 6? It’s been nearly five years since Red Dead Redemption 2 – Rockstar Games’ last major title – was released. GTA 5 was first released in 2013, almost ten years ago. Rockstar releases a new game every five years, excluding smaller releases and new releases. From this point of view, the developers are not as late with the next Grand Theft Auto as is constantly being claimed. Several industry experts – including the well-known games journalist Jason Schreier – assume that GTA 6 will probably be released in late 2024 or in 2025.

Until the official announcement, fans will continue to speculate. Recently, Microsoft provided a topic of conversation. Because the tech company has also already given a release date for GTA 6.