new product for terminal services based on Astra Linux and Windows

Astra Group of Companies presented a new software product Terminal Termidesk, which allows you to create terminal farms based on Astra Linux and Windows operating systems. The solution is a domestic alternative to Microsoft terminal services and is aimed at business and the public sector.

Terminal Termidesk provides centralized access to virtual desktops and applications without the need for virtualization platforms, allowing multiple users to access the same operating system remotely. Thus, Terminal Termidesk allows you to build a hybrid remote access to workplaces or applications without changing the business processes of companies within the concept of a single window.

Terminal Termidesk includes a connection client that supports two remote access protocols: SPICE and RDP. The server part of the product works only on Astra Linux and Windows. Client devices can be under any OS Linux or Windows [Полная презентация в PDF].

Terminal Termidesk is being developed by Uveon Cloud Technologies, which is part of the Astra group. According to Denis Mukhin, development director of the company, the development of the product took about six to seven months and was carried out exclusively by domestic specialists. The official launch of the product is scheduled for June 2023.

Terminal Termidesk is a logical continuation of one of the stages in the development of the vendor’s product portfolio. Previously, Uveon introduced Termidesk VDI, which is designed to create a VDI infrastructure and includes all the functionality of the new product for implementing terminal access. The main difference of Termidesk VDI is the automation of deployment of terminal farms based on Windows and STAL on virtualization platforms.

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