Motion Twin, Creators of ‘Dead Cells,’ Release Gameplay Trailer for New Game ‘Windblown’

The high-speed roguelite action game “Windblown'' was announced at TGA late last year as the next work by Motion Twin, the creator of the masterpiece “Dead Cells'' roguevania, and expectations are high for an early access version to be released in 2024. Today, Motion Twin issued a domestic press release and released a new gameplay trailer with Japanese subtitles. It has been revealed that the new release date for the early access version has been decided for the second half of 2024.

In addition to the latest videos that show many details such as powerful high-speed action, intense boss battles, and 3-player co-op play, the latest releases include an overview of “Windblown” and the contents of the announcement made at GDC 2024. Please check the information below.


The latest work from the blockbuster indie game “Dead Cells” development team!Announcement of new gameplay trailer for “Windblown”, a high-speed rogue-lite action game that supports up to 3-player cooperative play

Today, Motion Twin, known as the developer behind Dead Cells, released a new gameplay trailer for Windblown, a high-speed roguelite action game with online co-op play. The game is scheduled to be released as early access on Steam in late 2024. In addition, a summary of the session where one of the developers demonstrated his first gameplay at the Game Developers Conference 2024, which was held in San Francisco, USA, is also included in the second half of this press release.

Japanese trailer focusing on gameplay:

In “Windblown'', players take on the role of “Reaper'' and fight against a gigantic “Vortex'' that destroys everything in order to protect their hometown, “Ark.'' Armed with powerful weapons, you fly around the ever-changing islands of the sky at high speed in order to defeat the Sentinels, the minions of Vortex.

Movement is simple yet precise, as you dash across floating islands, dodging tough Sentinel attacks and advancing to the next inevitable battle. From the first Autumn biome you dive into and beyond, players will have to defeat countless enemies, but they'll be aided by a variety of weapons, trinkets, gifts, and fish that unleash Reaper's full potential.


Along the way, players will discover a variety of arsenals that allow them to customize their adventures into the unknown. Found in hidden treasure chests or dropped by defeated bosses, each weapon has its own rhythm and strengths that you must consider to build your ideal playstyle. You can freely use two weapons at any time with simple button operations, and you can easily use the “alter attack” that allows you to attack with one weapon while releasing a hidden technique with the other during battle.

In addition, “Crystalize Attack” is a powerful finisher that deals devastating damage to enemies, and can be used to replenish energy and increase rewards. This attack is the best tool to maximize your chances within the Vortex, and in online co-op play, it becomes even more powerful when used in concert with other players. Defeated in battle, the Reaper returns to his home in the sky and prepares for another perilous quest to seize his chance of victory. You can choose to take on the challenge alone or invite friends through online co-op play.

In addition, the trinkets obtained through exploration have a variety of effects, granting the Reaper an environment-destroying bomb, a frosty frost nova, a poisonous poison cloud, and more. Gifts also provide passive bonuses that further enhance your playstyle. For example, there are bonuses such as firing an extra arrow at the enemy when your weapon hits, giving you a double alter attack that allows you to chain together powerful moves, and recovering after defeating an enemy. .

Finally, the fish you also get while exploring has a very useful ability that will definitely hurt the Sentinels.

For example, the goblin fish swallows the enemy while jumping straight up, creating an opportunity to dive forward. Additionally, you will have a chance to attack the swallowed enemy for additional bonus effects. Fish has a long cooldown, so if you use it at the same time as other Reapers in online co-op play, you can find new possibilities apart from the existing effects.

Weapons, powerful attacks and combos, trinkets, gifts, and fish synergies make your playstyle unique every time, allowing you to unlock your true power by working in unison with other players.

Windblown is scheduled to be released as early access on Steam in the second half of 2024. Development incorporates active engagement with the gaming community, and user feedback is essential to further refine the exciting play experience. Recently, the closed alpha period ended and we actually made some important improvements. Those who wish to participate in the next closed playtest can visit the official website (

Regarding the announcement of “Game Developers Conference 2024”

At the recently held Game Developers Conference 2024, Yannick Berthier, one of the members of Motion Twin, introduced the game while showing a single-player video of Windblown.

The video starts with the scene where Reaper arrives at the vortex, which is the stage. It was mentioned that “Windblown'' has a lot of combat, and that players are required to react quickly to enemy types and placement, and that every biome in the game has different types of monsters.

In the battle, a combination of weapons called “fish knife” and “kunai” was used to speedily fight against enemies. In the scene where you select the passive bonus “Gift”, you will get “Homing Arrows” which will generate an additional laser-like attack when attacking with a weapon, and as “Trinket” with active power, you will receive area damage. Obtain the “Death Orb” that generates. These combinations further expanded options in battle and created more spectacular scenes.

Also, like in “Dead Cells,'' there are multiple weapons with different critical hits. For example, an attack from behind (backstab) or the last attack of a combo becomes a critical hit.

If you lose the game, you will return to your hometown, Ark, and prepare for your next adventure. You can craft new items discovered during your explorations, earn permanent upgrades, and even set the weapon you have at the beginning of your exploration.

After showing off the first boss battle, it was explained that “Windblown'' will undergo repeated closed testing, similar to “Dead Cells,'' and will develop the game in cooperation with the community. In fact, a one-month closed alpha has already taken place. Once again, Yannick Berthier said that he wants to work with users to make Windblown the best game it can be, and concluded the video by announcing that he will soon be testing cooperative online multiplayer.

If you are interested in playtesting, please visit the official Windblown website (

“Windblown” basic information

[Developer]About Motion Twin

Motion Twin is a small development team of 9 people based in Bordeaux, France. As an organization that eliminates hierarchical relationships, the entire team considers and selects projects, goals, and work styles. We focus on the player experience and strive to create games that players want to play. Officially released in 2018, “Dead Cells” has been enjoyed by over 10 million fans around the world, and it continues to receive updates to expand the range of play.

Official site:

*Indie Freaks, a media group specializing in indie games, is collaborating with official developer Motion Twin to support some of the marketing for “Windblown” in Japan.