Microsoft didn’t prevent Redfall on the PS5… Microsoft claims

We recently reported that Redfall originally for them too Playstation 5 should have appeared. The game director confirmed this in an interview with IGN France. But the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft has probably thwarted these plans. The vampire shooter will be released on 2. May 2023 thus only appear for the PC and the Xbox Series X/S. However, Microsoft is now speaking up and claims that it is not responsible for this decision.

Microsoft denies blocking Playstation games

Microsoft has made a statement to Gamespot that indirectly refers to the game director’s comments regarding Redfall (buy now €69.99 / 62,99 € ) is voiced. “We didn’t prevent any games for the Playstation“, according to a representative of the company. Furthermore, the release of numerous titles on the Playstation is emphasized.

It also says: “All games that were available on Playstation when we purchased ZenixMax in March 2021 are still on Playstation and we have also released content updates on Playstation and PC. We’ve always said that future decisions on whether to release ZenixMax games for other consoles will be made on a case-by-case basis.

In this context, Insider Gaming emphasizes that Microsoft is implying that Redfall was never in development for the Playstation 5. However, this would clearly contradict what was read in the recent IGN France interview.