iPhone 15 Pro Rumored To Get Samsung’s 2500-nit Display

The iPhone 14 Pro can handle up to 2000 nits when used outdoors.

Overall, a reliable insider has suggested that Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro lineup could get an even brighter display, potentially up to 2,500 nits.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have the brightest display of any iPhone, but Apple could make it better in the next generation. The next one can have a brightness of up to 2500 nits, which is due to a change in the display panel.

Liqueur «ShrimpApplePro» retweeted message on Tuesday from another leader, known as “Connor” or “OreXda”, which refer to Samsung display panels. Samsung Display is also a longtime supplier of Apple’s iPhone screens.

The original tweet from “Connor” says “Samsung Next Gen Panel hits 2500 nits.” The leader also states, “And yet I don’t know, it’s the M13,” which will be two generations after the M11 used in the just-released Samsung Galaxy S23.

Adding a comment to the tweet, ShrimpApplePro says it will “potentially be on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.”

For reference, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have a typical maximum brightness of 1000 nits, which increases to 1600 nits peak brightness for HDR content and 2000 nits peak brightness when used outdoors.

It’s also not unusual for Samsung to create panels with high levels of brightness. For example, it creates outdoor signage up to 2500 nits, although this is for a large screen, not a compact display.

As for whether this will result in an even brighter iPhone display, it’s not yet clear if that will be the case. Samsung has yet to showcase the M13 display at the center of the rumor running at that brightness, but it’s still a plausible prospect.

Of the couple of liquors involved in this rumor, ShrimpApplePro is the more well known and has a reasonably accurate track record. For example, Shrimp correctly said that the Apple Watch Series 8 won’t be redesigned, while the iPhone 14 Pro’s sizing was pretty accurate.

“Connor” or “OreXda” hasn’t been mentioned in previous AppleInsider reports, mainly because they’re about information about unreleased processors and Android products, not Apple. “Connor” doesn’t refer to Apple at all, as the post is more about Samsung’s display technology than its applications, and it was Shrimp who linked him to Apple in this case.