iOS 16.3 fixes annoying CarPlay bug that broke Find My support in Siri

iOS 16.3 was released to everyone on Monday with key features including security key support for Apple ID and second-generation HomePod support. The update also includes several bug fixes and improvements, including a fix for the annoying CarPlay bug.

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The initial release of iOS 16 last year contained several bugs related to Siri integration with CarPlay. Some of these issues have been fixed in iOS 16.1 and iOS 16.2, but some bugs remain and there are a few additional bugs.

One of these bugs was preventing Siri in CarPlay from properly integrating with the Find My app. If you ask Siri to find someone through Find My, she will respond and say she can’t do it while you’re driving. This was a change from previous versions of iOS that allowed users to ask Siri for basic Find My commands while driving.

In the iOS 16.3 release notes, Apple confirmed that the update fixes “issues that could cause Siri requests in CarPlay to be misunderstood.” It was a rather vague point that left many wondering what exactly Apple meant by “may be misunderstood”.

As seen on Reddit and confirmed, iOS 16.3 does include a fix for using the Apple Find My feature while driving. Now you can ask Siri where someone is, and Assistant will correctly answer where that person is. This, of course, depends on whether that person agrees to share their location with you via Find My.

This is a small but useful fix for CarPlay users. The ability to interact with Find My while driving is very useful as it lets you know if other people are on their way or have already arrived at a particular location.

Have you noticed any other CarPlay bug fixes in iOS 16.3? Let us know in the comments.

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