how to unlock them and where to find them all to get exclusive rewards

Las Astronomy tables from Hogwarts Legacy are one of the collectibles that you must get to complete all the content to get exclusive rewards. You will be able to see them from the beginning of the adventure: they are stone tables with a telescope, usually located in high and open places.

The first step is to unlock them, since you won’t be able to interact with them (even if you see them) until you pass the mission astronomy class. In this class you will receive your own telescope and learn how they work. The best advice I can give you is to be guided by the patterns of the stars that are more togethersince the normal tendency is to look at the separate ones.

Now yes. The Astronomy tables They are scattered throughout the world of Hogwarts Legacy. Remember that it must be at night to be able to interact with them, similar to the demiguise statues. On the following map you can see all the tables that are scattered around the world. You can see them while flying on a broomstick.

Hogwarts Astronomia

North side, left. South zone, right.

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The map leave a table undisplayed, which is located within the Hogwarts domain. You can find it in the Hogwarts gardens, near the Secret Hall of Herbology: Go left from the main entrance of the castle, leaving the Quidditch pitch behind you. You run into her during the “Poison Courage” side quest after talking to Duncan (Ravenclaw).

As you find and decipher the Astronomy Tables, you earn rewards from the Field Guide. They are three pieces of clothing: scarf, chest (bottom) and cape. It is worth getting them because they have a really nice design.

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Field Guide

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