How to turn off the request to download files from certain sites in Safari on Mac

The developers of Apple operating systems are constantly concerned about improving their security. macOS users could not help but notice the appearance of an additional dialog box that appears whenever they try to download something from the Internet using the Safari browser.

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On the one hand, such a measure really increases the level of system security – the user will once again think about what exactly he is downloading. On the other hand, more and more new system windows frankly distract the user from direct work at the computer. Yes, and a quick change of tabs can lead to the fact that the confirmation of the required download simply goes unnoticed. For those users who are willing to sacrifice part of the security for the sake of speeding up work, the Safari browser gives you the opportunity in the settings to refuse the appearance of such requests.

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How to turn off the request to download files from a specific site in Safari on Mac?

1. Open the Safari browser and go to its settings. This will help the menu bar or keyboard shortcut ⌘Cmd + , (comma)

How to Quickly Open Settings on Mac

2. Click the “Web sites” and in the side menu on the left, find the section “Downloads“.

3. In the right part of the window, sites from which the user has recently downloaded one or more files will be displayed. You can change the settings of each resource, allowing downloads from it without any additional confirmation, leaving the standard request policy, or disallowing downloads altogether if the site is not secure.

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How to turn off download prompts for all sites in Safari on Mac?

The browser allows you to change its behavior for all sites at once, including those that are not yet on the list. To do this, change the “When visiting other websites” located at the bottom right. If it is assigned the value “Allow”, then Safari will no longer ask any questions when you try to download something.

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