How to remove ads in android apps. 3 best ways

It is almost impossible to find free apps without ads on Google Play: thanks to unskippable videos, as well as banners in different parts of the screen, developers somehow recoup their costs.This, of course, interferes with users, but there is no other way out – this is the most optimal way to use the software for free.However, there is an option to get around these limitations in functionality and remove ads from android apps: some you probably know about, and some you will see for the first time.We collected the best ways disable ads in programs from Google Play.

We tell you how to remove ads on Android



How to block ads on Android

One of the most versatile ways to turn off ads in games is airplane mode.If you turn it on, then banners and other inserts are no longer displayed, but this method is far from ideal.Firstly, not all games work offline (there are more and more of them every year), and secondly, this will not work if you still need an Internet connection on your phone.However, there is a clever way disable adswithout disconnecting your smartphone from the web.

Now apps will work offline without ads: for example, music players or readers – this will save traffic where it should not be spent.But, as you understand, this method is clearly not suitable for all programs.However, even despite disabling data transfer, some of them will still display banners and commercials.So what’s now?

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Disable ads in apps on Android

At the moment, one of the most versatile ways remove ads in android apps is to connect to a private DNS server.These settings do not require Root rights, which is not only convenient, but also safe for the user.Here’s how to do it in two counts.

In general, in order to reduce ads both in the browser and in applications, I recommend download AdGuard on your phone and to other devices.It is free, easy to install on your phone and does not require settings – except that you can enable filter updates over Wi-Fi so as not to consume mobile traffic.In addition AdGuard works in the background and does not clog the phone’s RAM, so there are no problems even on cheap smartphones that do not differ in performance.

Download AdGuard

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App to block ads on your phone

If it is quite problematic for you to register DNS, then you can try a special utility that blocks ads and banners on Android.It’s called DNS66, and you won’t find it on Google Play, but it’s easy to get this blocker on trusted third-party sites.Its feature is that it works both in browsers and in applications at the same time, and it does not require root rights.

After that, content filtering will start and the utility will remove ads on the phone.Despite its versatility, DNS66 works far from perfect: some applications or web pages will leave a white rectangle instead of a banner, and some applications may not work correctly.

Download DNS66

Judging by my own observations, it depends on the firmware: everything works quite well on vivo smartphones.If you encounter something similar and you are not happy with it, just go to DNS66 on the Applications tab and select exceptions: you can do this for all applications, including system services.


All of these above methods are ideal for the applications from our selection – they are definitely worth downloading.Here you will find a smart alarm clock, an amazing book reader and a handy audio editor that allows you to make ringtones right on your phone!