How to choose a gaming mouse for your PC

Are you a progamer or are you planning to become one in the near future? Or do you have nothing to do with esports, but just prefer to spend time playing your favorite games with maximum comfort? In any case, you cannot do without special game manipulators that allow you to get even more pleasure and all sorts of pleasant impressions when playing on a PC. You can buy them, as well as many other useful gaming devices, in one of the best stores for gamers. FRAGSTORE.

Gaming mice and keyboards are still used by the vast majority of computer gamers, only occasionally indulging and experimenting with gamepads and joysticks, using them when playing projects of certain genres, for example, when launching fighting games or aircraft simulators. But if most video game lovers manage to choose a gaming keyboard without any serious difficulties, focusing primarily on their aesthetic taste and the need for specific additional functions, most often expressed in additional buttons and indicators, then choosing a mouse is far from so simple.,191,1000,619_PT0_SX970_V1___.jpg

The fact is that the anatomical features of the hand and fingers are different for all people. And if when using a keyboard it is not so strongly felt, then when working with a computer mouse (especially a long and active one, which is very typical for fans of computer games), its wrong choice will lead to a variety of negative consequences. The hand will quickly get tired, perhaps a feeling of discomfort and even painful sensations. In addition, incorrect mouse selection will result in poor performance in multiplayer games such as action games, shooters, and strategy games. This last point is especially important for professional gamers, whose gaming is influenced by even the smallest details.

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Now back to the questions of choosing a gaming mouse. To pick up an anatomically correct “rodent”, it is best to first at least hold it in your hands. In this case, you can make sure that the chosen model fits perfectly into the length and thickness of your fingers, the width of your palm, and so on.

Also, do not forget about such an obvious point as the existence of mice under the right and left hands. Of course, there are universal mice, but, in most cases, gamers prefer a mouse with bends for the left or right hand.

Besides the size and design ergonomics, the weight of the mouse greatly affects the comfort of the mouse. It is a mistake to believe that the lighter the weight of the manipulator, the more comfortable it is, in fact, everything is very individual, and there are many professional players who prefer weighty and voluminous mice.

Laser and optical mouse – this choice will also have serious consequences, especially when playing shooters. Today it is generally accepted that mice with a laser sensor are more accurate than optical ones. In reality, gamers need to pay attention not to the type of radiation, but to the resolution, expressed in dpi. The higher it is, the more sensitive, smoother and more accurate the mouse cursor will be, of course, provided that the mouse is configured correctly. And the stock of parameters for setting the laser mouse, again, is much more than that of the LED, although everything here will depend on the specific model.

It is also worth noting that laser mice are much less whimsical to the quality of the surface on which they have to work. When using an optical mouse, you will most likely have to acquire a special mousepad as well.

Response time and speed are equally important factors when choosing a mouse. Especially important for games is response time, which is less the better.

The presence of additional configurable buttons is a likely outward sign that you have a gaming mouse in front of you. This allows the player to hang on to them a couple of useful, regularly used functions, commands or actions.

The presence of lighting, status logos and all sorts of colorful design solutions. All of these are also signs of a gaming mouse that affect the choice of the player, but here it all depends on personal preference. Someone likes catchy, provocative designs, while others, on the contrary, are indifferent to them, studying first of all the build quality, the presence of additional buttons and power consumption.

As you can see, choosing the right gaming mouse is not an easy task, where you need to take into account a lot of nuances and, if possible, take advantage of expert advice from sales consultants.