Here is the gameplay of Scarface 2, the GTA opponent never released

It was 2006 when, in the midst of the wave of acclaim for GTA, another game came out with a brilliant premise and built satisfactorily enough to dig its own niche as a fan. That game was Scarface.

And now we discover that of that open world game inspired by Grand Theft Auto and together with the great gangster film worthy of the 80s, hence the title, it should have also had a second chapter. Abandoned for unknown reasons but far enough in development, at least in an early build, to now give us a video showing the breakthroughs that the developers, the guys from Radical Entertainment with the help of Vivendi Games, they were doing.

Here is the gameplay of Scarface 2, the opponent of GTA never released – VIDEO (Photo: Radical Entertainment)

Because unlike the protagonist of GTA, Tony was able for example to to swim! And even if there was no original voice of Pacino it was the monumental actor who had chosen Andrè Sogliuzzo as his deputy. What was Scarface 2 supposed to be like, the official title of which was Scarface Empire?

Scarface 2, from Youtube the gameplay of the anti GTA resurfaces

The first game dedicated to Scarface came out at a distance of over ten years from the film with Pacino as Tony Montana. It was certainly not a game unmissable but still, with the tow of the success of the cult of the ’80s, the product of Radical Entertainment found a way of to survive and pleasure enough to even have a sequel in the works. A sequel that, however, never went beyond the early stages of development. Now, thanks to the work of the Youtube channel Mafia Video Gamesnew shreds of the first build arrive.

Here is the gameplay of Scarface 2, the never-released GTA opponent - VIDEO
Here is the gameplay of Scarface 2, the opponent of GTA never released – VIDEO (Photo: Radical Entertainment)

The canal has also spread over Twitter other bits of video and other images as well as some interesting information about what the motor graphic of Scarface 2. To keep up the sequel was in fact the engine that the same guys from Radical were using for the game of Hulk but with a series of improvements and changes that would surely have made the genre of open world games run.

The similarities with GTA they have always been evident but then even Rockstar has taken hands down from the epic of Scarface for its infamous tale, so no one can actually complain. Not of this at least: perhaps the most absurd of all is precisely there premise on which the game stood, namely the fact that Montana does not die at the end of the film. But always better than a trip to the afterlife.

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