Half of fast food restaurants do not respect the law, according to an environmental association

More than 50% of French fast food restaurants do not yet offer reusable packaging in their restaurants, which has been compulsory since January 1.

On January 1, a law was passed in France requiring restaurants to only offer reusable tableware to customers eating on site. It is mainly fast foods that are affected by this measure, they who still served all their meals on a tray in paper or cardboard packaging. Unfortunately, it seems that the law is not applied everywhere. Worse still, more than half of the brands do not seem to have gone green.

It is the association Zero Waste France which denounces the situation in a report conducted throughout the month of January. The environmental group traveled through France between January 9 and January 22 to identify the situation of more than 300 different restaurants among the most famous fast-food brands in our country: McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King or Quick are screened.

The conclusion is clear : more than half of the stores exclusively used disposable tableware. The figure of the day is 57%, which seems rather high almost a month after the implementation of the measure. However, a few weeks before the transition to the new year, most companies said they were ready to switch to reusable tableware, in terms of personnel management and the supply of said tableware.

A spokesperson for the association said: “the teams questioned on the spot also replied that they had not received precise information from the head offices on the dates and changes envisaged.”

Who is the worst student?

Unsurprisingly, McDonald’s is doing the best with an average of one in four restaurants still using disposable packaging for on-site customers. Burger King is doing worse with one in two restaurants, and it seems Quick and KFC are leading the charge when it comes to breaking the rules. Supposed to regulate the 180,000 tonnes of waste per year generated by fast foodsthe measure is therefore not unanimous.

On the side of the yellow arches, it has been several months since the company took the lead and switched many of its establishments to reusable tableware. But since the beginning of the month, the trend having spread more globally across the country, the number of thefts has drastically increased in more or less tourist areas. McDonald’s by-products are popular, but we repeat, the dishes are made to be reused in the restaurant, not at home.

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