Hackers continue to merge users of “SberSpasibo” – the database has become fresher

Photo: Unsplash

hackers continued post personal data of users of the SberSpasibo bonus program. This time, information about a smaller number of people was in the public domain, but the database is more recent.

The hacker database contains phone numbers, dates of birth, and encrypted bank card numbers of Sberbank clients. Last time, the leak affected more than 47 unique users who connected to the SberSpasibo program from 07/02/2015 to 06/07/2022, and this time the data of 4.5 million people who joined it from 06/05/2022 to 01/22 were leaked. 2023

In total, the leaked databases contain information about more than 50 million Russians. Sensitive data has not been leaked (for example, card numbers or passwords), but attackers can use the information that has become available to them to ingratiate themselves with victims and lure out additional information that allows them to steal money. Be on the lookout and be vigilant when communicating with strangers on the phone, in social networks and instant messengers!