Google Play Store: This app is a banking Trojan – uninstall it

Google Play Store: This app is a banking Trojan – uninstall it

Another malicious application was detected in the Play Store with Android apps. This time it’s Squid Game Wallpaper – in practice, an almost useless program that only displays a wallpaper, but “underneath” is more than that: the Joker banking Trojan.

You can read about the problem on Twitter. Security researcher Lukas Stefanko shared information about the detected malware in another application. At the time of writing, it is no longer available on the Play Store, but as usual, this does not mean the end of the problem for users. If someone downloaded the program earlier (and it had more than 5,000 installations), the application will not disappear from the smartphone by itself.

As the analysis showed, the infected application first downloaded an additional library, and then with its help another portion of data, which it later installed on the smartphone. The Joker banking Trojan in question is not a new threat and can often be encountered in infected programs. It allows, among others intercept data from the phone’s memory, display advertisements and save the user to subscribe to unsolicited (paid) services.


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