Fortuneo bank promises a crazy bonus, but is it really crazy?

Fortuneo Bank has promised our readers a crazy bonus if they open a free account. They will receive a bonus of 150 euros if they choose the formula which also includes a Mastercard Gold card free of charge. You must use the code FTNMARS23 to unlock the amount.

Close to millions of customers, Fortuneo is on the podium of the largest online banks. The establishment stands out on three criteria: its wide range of products, its price and customer support. In addition, it leaves you totally free as to its use: you can keep it as a secondary free account, alongside your current bank.

For our readers, Fortuneo has just announced a bonus of 150 euros at the opening for its most popular formula. The latter includes a free Mastercard Gold credit card. To get the maximum bonus, you will have to use the code FTNMARS23 at the time of registration and then make 5 payments in 90 days. From then on, the bank will transfer the bonus to your account.

I open my free account

The formula that includes the Mastercard Gold card only asks you to justify 1800 euros in income per month. You do not need to domicile these funds in the bank: you just have to prove that you reach this level of income. If you don’t want to (or can’t), you can also fall back on the international Fosfo card.

In fact, the Fosfo card is already a very good choice and above all: it is free, without income conditions and offers 70 euros at start-up. Anyone can therefore subscribe to this offer. For everyday life, it is a very good payment solution. If you’re looking for a free card for travelling, it’s even the best one that isn’t conditional on income: zero fees on payments and withdrawals, including in foreign currencies. Not even N26 and Revolut do that – even with their paid plans.

Good to know : on Fortuneo’s basic site, the rewards displayed for Fosfo and Mastercard Gold cards are significantly lower. You will not receive any bonus for the Fosfo card and only 80 euros for the Gold card. To get the 70 or 150 euros bonus stated above, you must go through our buttons to arrive on a hidden page of the bank’s site.

I discover the two hidden bonuses

What is the procedure to follow ?

For a few days, you can land this bounty in just a few steps. First, it will take a few minutes to complete the registration form. Remember to put the code FTNMARS23 to activate the triggering of the bonus. Once you are on your account, you will then have to validate it with a first payment. The money you have deposited in the account can then be withdrawn: it is a simple check.

Whether you take the Mastercard Gold or Fosfo card, you will then have to carry out 5 operations within 90 days of registration to definitively validate the bonus. Once the fifth payment is made, Fortuneo agrees to credit you the bonus within 30 days.

The operation is simple, clear and easy: it does not ask you for any binding conditions like other online banks. These sometimes require subscribing to a product, using the banking mobility service or even paying for an account.

Is this a real good bonus?

Fortuneo is not used to offering such high bonuses to its clients. As a common thread, she is always satisfied with the 80 euros for the Mastercard Gold card. The amount offered for our readers is much larger than normal, and the conditions are strictly the same. You therefore have every interest in taking advantage of this operation rather than subscribing during the rest of the year.

Online banking is known to be the cheapest in France, it already allows you to make huge savings on bank charges. If you have a Mastercard Gold, you can save several hundred euros a year. On average, a French person pays 219 euros in bank charges per year for a standard offer. With a premium card, this cost can exceed 400 euros.

This bonus of 150 euros is therefore the icing on the cake. However, Fortuneo online banking will not force you to commit or make concessions. You are fully autonomous on the service: you can use it as a secondary and one-off account, or make it a main bank. She will not judge you or penalize you on fees. We still remember that you have to use the card (Fosfo or Gold) at least once a month so that it remains free.

To discover this exceptional offer from Fortuneo, go here:

I open my free account

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