Former “Dragon Age” Lead, Mike Laidlaw, Announces New Game “Eternal Strands” with Yellow Brick Games

The other day, it was announced that a new work by “Yellow Brick Games” led by Mike Laidlaw would be released on April 2nd local time, but today, as planned, the debut fantasy action adventure “Eternal Strands” was officially announced, and it will be compatible with PS5. It has been revealed that Xbox Series X|S is scheduled to be released for PC.

“Eternal Strands” is the debut work of “Yellow Brick Games”, founded in November 2020 by Mike Laidlaw, a veteran who was behind the success of the “Dragon Age” series at BioWare. A single-player fantasy action TPS that tells the story of Brynn, a young and courageous weaver who fights against huge enemies.It features creative combat using destructible level environments, crafting, and various customizations. It features elements such as various abilities that can be obtained by wearing a magic costume that can be used, a next-generation physics system that includes the use of magic such as building bridges and burning down barriers, English audio and English/French subtitles. Along with the announcement, an announcement trailer containing alpha gameplay footage has been released.


Eternal Strands

Eternal Strands is the debut fantasy action-adventure title from Yellow Brick Games, a new independent studio founded by industry veterans.

Bryn, a young and fearless weaver, is determined to reclaim the land where her people's culture was born. Armed with powerful magical powers and magical weapons, she faces a variety of enemies, from humanoids to towering beasts. Take advantage of the surrounding environment and temperature to battle a wide variety of creatures, such as sending ice-covered minions against a fire-breathing dragon. Climb anywhere and use your mysterious skills to open up new paths. Travel the world in pursuit of the Enclave's lost mysteries and take on the monstrous enemies that stand in your way.

the world is a weapon

At the heart of Eternal Strands are groundbreaking new systems that enhance gameplay interaction. Get unprecedented reactions during combat, including radiating heat, cold, and real-time destruction. Use telekinesis to hurl flaming tree trunks at your enemies, knock down nearby trees to ward off incoming fire, or channel your telekinesis to rip rocks from the ground.

magic weaver

When you wear the Magic Cloak, a magical cloak, you can use magical elements to create blazing fire, freezing ice, and telekinesis. Customize your appearance and style by combining your powers, which grow as the game progresses, with weapons and armor crafted and enchanted from defeated enemies. Block attacks with a magical wall of ice, unleash waves of flame with your heavy two-handed sword, and use brutal force to throw your enemies off cliffs.

stand up to the giants

Face off against gigantic enemies and defeat them with a clever combination of swordplay, spells, and mobility. Jump onto its giant body, climb it, and attack it from various angles. Break armor or cut into vital points to reduce its defense power. Freeze the limbs of towering enemies, burn their fur with mystical flames, and catch projectiles thrown at you for counterattacks. The battle leaves scars on the earth.

Make the most of the unstable climate

Enhance the effects of ice power during flash freezing and you can open up new avenues. Heat waves can be used to start wildfires, burning nearby flammable vegetation and directing the flames at enemies.

A world full of secrets

Explore the wastelands of the capital Dynevron and discover its secrets. You can climb anywhere. Use magic to build bridges, burn down barriers, and send Bling everywhere. A next-generation physics system encourages players to be creative in both exploration and combat. As the Enclave's secrets are revealed one by one, return to base camp and talk to a variety of characters. Everyone wants to know what happened to this lost bastion of power and knowledge.

The Enclave is a world full of mystery, opportunity, danger, and wonder.